Smartphone Camera Wars: iPhone 5, Samsung 4, or HTC One?

Jasmina Lozevska April 29, 2013 0

As it seems, these wars between iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one would never end up. We are bringing them head to head with their cameras now. Before we start with this shoot, it’s important to note that these smartphones have different sensors each of them. The Galaxy S4 has 13-mpix and the iPhone 5 includes 8-mpix camera. Beside them, the HTC One has something new when it comes to the camera quality. They have announced that this device has “ultrapixel” camera which came up to be same as the 4-mpix camera.

Each camera of these smartphone devices has different local length. In order this preview to be done, photos has been taken from the very same vantage point. This needs to show how well the cameras are handling the same scenarios without any special adjustment. Let’s begin with the shootout:

1. Arrow Up

This picture includes very colorful statue that has stacked up arrows. The verdict which came from these taken pictures is that the colorful shot from Galaxy S4 looks very accurate and the image came as most exposed. The HTC One is overexposing this shot. The yellow color is overexposed and it has some lost details in the back. You can notice that the iPhone little bit underexposed the picture but the colors are very pleasing.


2. Fountain

This shot was made on a fountain and here is the verdict. Galaxy S4 came up as a loser in this round. The camera didn’t express its features and as it seems it didn’t know where to place the focus. HTC One is the winner here. Of all three pictures you can see that it successfully frozen the frame and the running water came up very clear. This round’s image is the most focused through the entire frame, but it destroyed the final splash of the water. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 is placed right between these two.


3. Close-up on the fountain

You can clearly notice the dominance of the HTC One. The shot is very clear and the definition of the water is sharp and crunchy.


4. Sign shoot

All of the three smartphone’s cameras did a fantastic job during this test. But we’ll give slight advantage to the Galaxy S4 because it came up with the best representation of the colors and the picture had the lowest noise level. The HTC One came as last because it has lost the background details.


5. Sign shooting up-close

You can see the artifacts that came up sharpest and strongest in the iPhone 5 and HTC One pictures. The colors are little more expressed on the Galaxy S4 and the noise is slightly expressed.


6. Shooting a scooter

The three cameras took nice pictures, but the iPhone and Samsung have produced very rich and very vibrant red areas. If you look more closely, you will notice that the iPhone and HTC One washed out the scooter’s surface.


7. Shooting a drink in low-light environment without a flash

With the Samsung’s camera didn’t focus on the light source and there is nothing on the picture that seems good. The picture made by the HTC One came up strong and you can even see the liquid in the glass. The iPhone 5 came up as a winner in this round because the camera produced the best detail, evenness and the best colors.



From what we can see we can say that all the cameras have their spot in different areas and environments. We can say that the HTC One is producing the lowest pictures and doesn’t express the details enough. So we placed it in the third place. But the big battle is between the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5. In well-light environment we gave equal grades to the both of these devices. The iPhone 5 has slight underexposure picture which captured the most details across the whole screen, but the Galaxy S4 produced the very likable photos. So, we are giving you the chance to choose a winner.

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