Facebook Speaks About the Change in App Sees in Parse Signups

Sara Cunningham April 29, 2013 0
Facebook Speaks About the Change in App Sees in Parse Signups

Facebook has now bought Parse. There are developers whining that they would not use Parse’s mobile application backend service since for the purchase. The fear stems from Facebook spying on the developer’s data. Nevertheless, Ilya Suhkar, the CEO of Parse, announced that the sign ups have grown around 9.4 times. In addition, it has been reported that there are less clients leaving compared to such purchase. Finally, in order to relieve the fear, Parse released the statement: “We currently have no plans to make any changes to how Parse app data is used.”

Facebook Speaks About the Change in App Sees in Parse Signups 2

Developer’s Apprehension

The purchase made Facebook’s entry into the business of application development services. Nevertheless, this acquisition shocked loyal developers of Parse who built around 60,000 applications on the company’s Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) . The complaints of these loyal developers centers on the apprehension that Facebook might degrade Parse service. They added that Facebook might heavily push its highlight social integration and advertisement platform. Furthermore, there is also apprehensive about Facebook insisting its own terms of service, the privacy of the application data, and Facebook’s access to such data for its own benefit.

Developer’s Move

In lieu of these apprehensions, several developers claimed that they would be transferring to other MBaaS platforms. A competitor even built a special importer tool called Stack on to help these developers to move their app records and import them to other services. However, the CEO remains unmoved as Sukhar comments that the difference is not statistically significant as the number of records exported daily since the announcement of Facebook’s acquisition is lower compared before. The CEO further claims that nobody is using such tool and that there is no exodus.

Facebook’s Response

Facebook’s reply to this event is simple as it understands that these developers are very picky. However, the developers know that the social network which they abhor has, in fact, already have a blemished record especially in platform stability. The changes in the platform come so fast that it would cause the application to break without a warning. Furthermore, there are times that Facebook’s design and feed changes crater the traction which apps are built on it. Nevertheless, Facebook made a serious effort over the year to become more friendly and convenient for the developers. They are determined not to sabotage Parse.

As of the moment, Facebook stated that they “currently have no plans”. However, this might change sooner. After all, it is all just good business. Nevertheless, the Facebook integration to Parse will still be subjected to strict scrutiny. They better not do anything shady if they don’t want to lose the valuable client-base of Parse.

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