Goodbye Bricks, Hi to Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone and Smartphones

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Goodbye Bricks, Hi to Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone and Smartphones

According to the study conducted by a market research firm, the International Data Corp. Manufacturers are starting to produce and sell more smartphones for the first time since the arrival of the cellular telephone technology. Smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 are now more in demand than dumb phones.

Goodbye Bricks, Hi to Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone And Smartphones 2

Smart Phones vs. Brick Phones

These Smartphones are mobile devices that can access the Internet all equipped with a touch –screen capacity and an advanced operating system to do the job. On the other hand, the “dumb” or “brick” phones are basically communication devices which can be used only to make calls, send text messages, store contact information and play games such as the ever famous snake. Lots of phone models have been developed by several companies into Smartphones. However, the legendary and famous Nokia brick phone, the leader of the group, has not yet been successfully transformed to Smartphones. Nokia Corp., a company based in Finland, may have made Lumia but it was still overshadowed by the leaders of Smartphone industry—iPhone series and Galaxy Series.

The Figures of Shipment

The contents of the study further revealed that the manufacturers shipped over 216 million of Smartphones around the globe in the months of January, February and March. On the other hand, the dumb or brick counterparts have only 189 million in the record. The study also revealed that the demand for these Smartphones comes from the fast-growing markets in developing countries such as Indonesia and India. Of course, China also demands such Smartphone as added by an IDC analyst.

The Statistical Contest

In the context of statistical record in terms of manufacturing cell phones, Samsung is the largest among them all, both smart and dumb cellular phones, around the globe. The next spot is held by Nokia while the Apple Inc. closely follows in the third spot. Apple’s success is all thanks to the ever famous iPhone. In the context of Smartphones alone, Apple and Samsung are the most popular. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly that Samsung has outwitted its rival in the top position of the Smartphone market sales in the first quarter of year 2013.

Then famous giants in the Smartphone industry have been continually innovating their products to attract the market audience. The battle for Smartphone innovations has been taken even to attracting app developers. With these contests, the demand for dumb phones will continue to decline.

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