iPad Leads User Satisfaction Survey Revealed

Sara Cunningham April 29, 2013 0
iPad Leads User Satisfaction Survey Revealed

According to the annual study of JD Power, iPad still ranks as the leading technology when it comes to satisfaction survey. This result has been already the second time, while the second role goes to Amazon. The third one goes to Samsung. The survey in US ranks the tablets based on the key areas: design, features, performance, ownership cost and ease of use. This has also shown how the consumers make use of their equipments and how the devices performs and plays the complexity of the system and technology. The point here is that, consumers choose the best tablet based on the previous users in which those previous users reviewed their device in an honest manner. These five key areas are the basis in which tablet to buy best.

iPad Leads User Satisfaction Survey Revealed 2

Over 51% or half of the respondents have shared their tablet experience and at least a single person suggest that those companies who are generous enough to promote their capacities of sharing their devices will win the hearts of the consumers. The satisfaction also increases the sales of the Tablet, JD Power adds.

According to Kirk Parsons, the senior director at J.D. Power and Associates, it is kind of unexpected to see that even though only 64% of the tablet owners have made the decision solely towards the purchase of their devices; still most of them share their tablets to someone else. He emphasizes that manufacturers should completely understand the importance of dynamic and must attempt to offer nothing but an exceptional experience for all the consumers worldwide. This is necessary to improve the prospects of future business. A satisfied customer will hand down the device to their loved ones and friends. The opportunity also of repurchasing the tablet with the same brand is also likely.

 The survey has 1000 points; Apple iPad has a score of 836 and has gained strongest points from performance; styling and design; ease of operation; and many features. Apple is the overall winner as it performs well in each criterion. Amazon was said to be the second one, with a score of 829. It earned strongest points in terms of the pricing. The third falls to Samsung, getting an 822 points and Asus (Google’s Nexus 7) was the fourth one and on the top 5 is Acer with points of 784.

The studies are the results based on the 1857 tablet owners and have used for a year.

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