Smartphones Surpassed Sales Over ‘Dumb’ Phones Globally

Sara Cunningham April 29, 2013 0
Smartphones Surpassed Sales Over ‘Dumb’ Phones Globally

According to the IDC research firms in NEW YORK, the Smartphones are becoming popular these days leading to a NO room for dumb traditional phones to succeed. This is because people are hooked to internet access and computer power a Smartphone offers.  They see Smartphones as innovative, convenient and cost effective. Though, some people still prefer the traditional regular phones, still the Smartphones have been the leading technology in the world.

According to the studies on ate Thursday, over 216 million of Smartphones was shipped for the first 3 months worldwide, compared to 189 million of cell phones. Just 2011, Smartphones have taken the role over the regular cell phones throughout the United States. Ramon Llamas, the IDC analyst state that the change of drift to the world is the fact that Smartphones has been a driving force of consumers throughout developing countries like Indonesia, China and India.

Smartphones Surpassed Sales Over 2

Another breakthrough firm, the ABI research has found Smartphones reached 49% shipments during the first quarter. The largest phone maker today is no other than Samsung Electronics Co. Though, Samsung does not provide a total breakdown of its shipments, the analysts have analyzed their estimated. Wherever you are and whoever studies the sales, it is clear that Smartphones will not only reach a higher point over cell phones but also overtake and go beyond the highest level this year.

The wind of change from consumers is that with Smartphones, the calls, text and internet access, GPS, and a whole lot more is a total package that is needed every day. Another advantage is that Smartphones has advanced features like touch screens, and faster and advanced operating systems. Nokia Corp, the Finland Company  has been the largest cell phone make of all time. Everybody knows how big the Nokia is. However, Nokia has failed to advance their product from a simple cell phone into Smartphones. Therefore, it has become the second largest cellphone maker, right after Samsung. But when it comes to Smartphones, it is too far from the lists.

 Motorola Mobility, on the other hand, is an all time cell phone pioneer. Motorola is a US company that was currently owned by Google. Motorola has also stumbled due to the failure of advancing their systems. Fr that reason, it has now become the 3rd largest cell phone maker throughout the world after iPhone. Overall, both Samsung and Apple are the leading Smartphones makers. While, South Korea’s LG Electronics, Taiwan’s HTC Corp, and China’s Huawei Technologies Ltd. and ZTE Corp falls at number 3.

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