New Innovations: Could a Breathalyzer to Detect Cocaine be on the Verizon?

Jasmina Lozevska April 29, 2013 0
New Innovations: Could a Breathalyzer to Detect Cocaine be on the Verizon?

Finally the police will have new equipment for examining the driver’s condition. Some scientists, who come from Sweden, claimed that they have a solution for creating a machine which will detect the drivers who are high on cocaine and pot. This might be received with discontent from those who are using.

We can say that majority of people, especially the young ones, are driving high, they shouldn’t do this but they are driving in that condition anyway. Sometime, the great noses of the policemen can sniff the marihuana presence in your cars. But it’s been way too hard to see the cocaine presence if there are no signs of white substances. Still, there is no device which will detect these drug presences in the driver’s breath, as the one which is used for alcohol.

For this, some scientists from Sweden believe that they have made a breakthrough into creating device for detecting these drugs. The name of the device is SensAbues which, according to several sorts of claims, analyzes breath using mass spectrometry and chromatography. This machine has been made in Stockholm at the Karolinska Institute. This machine offered some great results which are legally defensible. The scientists have examined the results from 46 patients in this institute who were asked to breathe out in microparticle and mouthpiece filter which was put together by them.


The scientists reported that they have found some traces of many drugs. The drugs which were found included diazepam, morphine, meth, cocaine and pot. This part of the report will be found very much disturbing by some but the results were received 24 hours after the taken drugs from the subject. This might evoke certain complications in the potential use of this device by the police. Let’s put it this way, you have used some of these drugs and after 24 hours you are driving your car. Will there be some drug presence in your blood system which will cross any safety lines? – And does the drug presence in your breath will indicate some significant amount of drug in your system?

There is another thing that indicates this machine is not so sure about the tests. 23% of the tests which were taken had been declared as “drug usage”. There is nothing wrong here right? – But if I tell you that this percentage of people didn’t even sniff the drug, you will get the impression that this device is broken before it starts. But still, the results from this machine haven’t been sent to a lab for certain analysis.

But this is a good start to examining the drivers who have used drugs before entering their car. And in near future you can expect your police officer to examine you with some strange device for drug usage.

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