The Best Improvements We Could Think of For iTunes

Sara Cunningham April 29, 2013 0
The Best Improvements We Could Think of For iTunes

Apple’s iTunes store has turned 10 years yesterday but someone has voiced some discontent about their features. So in that regard, we’ve done some makeover of it and we are sharing with you what does iTunes need to have in order to last for another 10 years.

They have made some efforts to make iTunes look different and to feel different. When it came up it was paired only with the iPod but it had some simple interface and setup. It was very good, and still is, it held their MP3s and it was more like bridge which connected the iPod and the music.

It’s not it doesn’t do anything well, but all the work which is more fundamental remains all the same. iTunes needs to be made very simple, helpful and lean. It needs to do something on our computers that is not so exciting, things which are more important for us and something that we care about. I’m talking about changes in the media library.

  1. It should be strictly for media and music

The iPads, iPhones and iPods need iTunes in order to install the files which you want to put on them. Well, there is no need for that anymore. All the iOS devices can be set up without any contract with this store on your computer. But, iTunes needs to stay the same when you want to sync and back up your gadgets.


In your iOS device, the iTunes and App Store need to be separate. This stays for the PCs and Macs too. Managing backups, documents and applications is enough job for one software which stands alone. This is good feature especially for those who have numerous devices at home. This will let iTunes breath more freely and to focus just on the media.

  1. We need an easier way to find the streaming content

Lately, Apple has offered some good streaming content which is free. For example, Justin Timberlake and David Bowie have offered streaming of their new albums on iTunes few weeks before the official release. But this feature is very well hidden and many people didn’t even know where to find this. You need to browse the store and you can only play the content from the page of the artist.

Instead of this it has to include pop-outs which will show the music that is free for streaming. Maybe this will be included in the new rumored iRadio, but offering valuable content which is very easy to find it will feel like win-win situation.

  1. It needs to stay simple

With the new version of the iTunes (iTunes 11) were included: striped down look and cleaner design and they have reached some high level and we could see that they are heading in the right direction. But the backup features and functions need to be stronger. In our updates, the cloud needs to be more dedicated for media playback and the simplicity philosophy that Apple is forcing over the years is the right thing to do. Maybe some different features needs to be included but we are not complaining with these present ones. The iTunes store needs to work even when our computers are not used. It needs to be heard if not seen.

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