ZTE Director No Contract Smartphone Falls Short

Heidi Speare April 29, 2013 0
ZTE Director No Contract Smartphone Falls Short


Before I start with this review, I need to tell you that I definitely have nothing against these low-level devices, including the new ZTE model. As long as they are working properly, there is nothing wrong with using one for your needs. And to be honest they are very cheap so, you can’t expect some big things from them.


ZTE Director has some long chin and matte back plate with indented edges, which make this device look like the all previous ZTE devices. But it has some transformations in the design. This phone has 3 hot keys which are used for its features instead of the usual four which were included in the last phones.

This phone is very comfortable to hold and its measurements are 0.48-inches thick, 2.46-inches wide and 4.65-inches tall. On the left edge, you can find the MicroUSB port for charging it and the volume rocker. On the top, you can notice the headphone jack and the power/sleep button. On the right of the phone, you can find the launch button for the camera.

On the back, looking at the top left corner, you can see the camera lens, the flash and the small square which is reflective and used for self-portraits. Below them, you can find the audio speakers. For accessing the MicroSD slot, which is upgradable to 32GB, you need to pop off the plate using small indent.



The screen is equipped with 3.5-inch touch screen and it has 320 x 480 resolution. The display lacks better responsiveness and very often, you need to tap several times in order to launch some application. It’s very difficult to view the screen when you are out on the sunlight.


This phone runs on the Android OS (4.0.4) and has included the standard features like Google+, Gmail, Latitude, Maps, Local, Chrome, Magazines, Books and other complements of Google apps. The other applications which are included are several apps from Amazon, the bubble bash 2 game, City ID, MiEasyAccess, Daily Perks, some apps for getting games and ringtones, navigator application and Twitter.

The basic applications which are used for managing are including clock, alarm and some world functions of the time. There is native browser, music app, calculator, video player, e-mail client, calendar, notepad, weather app, timer and a voice dialer.

Camera quality

The camera is very weak, but you cannot expect very high details from this 3-mpix main camera. This phone includes flash, five white balances, three shutter tones, timer, 3 photo sizes, digital zoom and geotagging.  The video feature of the camera has the very same geotagging and zooming and even the white balancing options. It has 5 qualities of the video. The Director is very slow and it takes seconds for this camera to take one single photo.

Hardware and performance

This phone is powered by the Qualcomm processor with 1GHz. As I said earlier, this phone is slow in overall and it seems like forever for using some features. The swiping around the lock screen, returning to home screen, changing from portrait to landscape mode are takes very long time in order to answer your actions. The performance of the battery is quite impressive and its 1,500 mAh battery lasts some decent time. With some minimal usage, it could last for a day and it has talk time of 6 hours and 350 hours standby time.


The verdict

All in all this phone is reasonably priced but you can get some other phones for these money. I’m bringing you the Pros and Cons like the last thing from this review.

–       Pros: Reasonably priced, satisfying battery life

–       Cons: Poor camera quality, low call volume

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