Teen Mobile App Ratings: From Instagram to GifBoom Social Apps

Sara Cunningham April 29, 2013 0

The simple traditional communication has been buried today. If you can still remember, when was the last time you called your loved one through landline phone? As years pass by, innovations have been introduced. For this reason, those traditional simple communications have been improved for the convenience and betterment of the people. One of the evidences is the famous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Both of which are more about sharing and make some status for life updates as well as purely making friends. But, as the world becomes more and more innovative, experts have introduced a seemingly photography application that are readily available for teens without charging.

Teen Mobile App Ratings From Instagram to GifBoom Social Apps 2

Plan to have a vacation and show off your photos without editing? Instagram is the only best for everyone.

The Instagram and GifBoom are said to be the most popular applications. They are next to Facebook and Twitter but they do not compete.


Instagram is like a professional photography editor. It has cropping tools, filters and options for focus. On top of that, you are able to see the updates of your loved ones, friends and even your most favorite celebrities. It is like remembering memories and real life experiences. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is only a photo-application that banks imagination. In the year 2012, let us not forget that Instagram did a successful launching that heaps popularity throughout the world. Users are worried from the last year’s news that Instagram is under fire for modifying its service terms. Instagram have made a consistent statement that the photos of the users are their photos, and should not be sold except to Facebook, which is a parent company of Instagram where the user data can be shared. Student shave rated this as a grade A. The top marks for this are creative, user-friendly, convenient photography and creativity. The need for improvement is the terms. Teen suggested improving and avoiding giving confusing terms.


To put it briefly, GifBoom is an Instagram that is moving-like. The app is excellent in creating and sharing gifts to everyone through animated photos. Not like Tumblr, the GifBoom is only limited to sharing gifts—still, no photos are allowed. The major complaint about this is the fact that GifBoom is not user-friendly. Hard navigation was always the initial complaints of the teens, especially those that are first time users or have been using for a week. A rating for GifBoom is B+, but definitely not an A+. The top marks are the clean designs and progressing user base. However, the tools should be improved for ease of use.

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