Brand New Xbox Coming on May 21

Heidi Speare April 30, 2013 0
Brand New Xbox Coming on May 21


Okay, I can live without this new playing console a little bit more. Earlier this month, it was reported that Microsoft will release their next generation Xbox in the upcoming few months. So this is earlier than expected, but it’s good to hear the new Xbox is going to be here soon. It has been announced that Microsoft is set for bringing a very big reveal of the Xbox on May 21. They have already sent the invitations which confirmed all the rumors for the unveiling which is scheduled for the next month.

They have sent the invitations which said: “A New Generation Revealed. Don Mattrick and the Xbox team invite you to the Xbox campus for special unveiling”. Don Mattrick is Microsoft’s President for the division of Interactive Entertainment Business. This division includes the Xbox. They even have plans for broadcasting this event live on Spike TV.

We knew that this unveiling will take place sometime now because Paul Thurrot, a Microsoft blogger, has broken the news. He reported that he has the official date of the unveiling during some interview with the “What the Tech” video blog. The previous model, Xbox 360 was named like the King of consoles in the US. It ruled the gaming market for more than 2 years. It has outsold the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. After this, Microsoft has chosen it’s time for debuting with the new upgraded version, and they didn’t rush to show their device before letting the rivals show their cards.



The Xbox launching will be the last among the other big three competitors. Nintendo has rushed ahead of its competition in order to have some jump-start before the other features of the consoles. This launching has happened last November when the Wii U was launched. It came out as a tablet-game controller that has the ability to double in a second screen. Sony took out the wraps of its new PlayStation 4 in February. It includes some beefier storage and zippier graphic system. This is something better than its 7 year older brother.

This gathering from Microsoft will come before the LA’s gaming trade show – E3. Microsoft will unveil all the technical specs and they will talk about the Xbox focus of entertainment that goes deeply beyond the gaming. If history is involved, the company will announce some of the biggest games titles for this new Xbox at the previously mentioned E3 gaming show.

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