Microsoft About to Revamp Xbox, Skype and Bing

Alex Bezeau April 30, 2013 0
Microsoft About to Revamp Xbox, Skype and Bing


Microsoft has started making some changes over the past two months and they tend to continue with their great work. They now have some intentions of redesigning Xbox, Skype and Bing. It was about time for these platforms to be changed a little bit. To be honest, I’ve been bored of the old Skype and Xbox. I don’t use Bing so much, so I can’t tell anything about that part.

As reported, Microsoft has been working on rebranding its products very soon. This has been announced by Albert Shum (GM at the design studio of Windows Phone) and Todd Simmons who is Wolff Olins’s creative director. Both of them reported that Xbox, Skype and Bing will get brand new logos very soon. During the presentation, which was called “The Re-Imagining of Microsoft” they showed a concept that was 2 years old and it looked at rebranding some of the popular platforms of this company. After the presentation, sneak-peak preview followed for the new designs of the logos.



This redesign plans are coming after Microsoft’s efforts to rebrand their Windows. According to Simmons, in these plans they were influenced by the design of Nike. He said that the great experience of the Nike brand in every form there has been always the right Nikeness. You can’t imagine the experience without the logo presence. He explained that billion of people are using the Windows now and some changes might indicate some risks. He claimed that they have to get underneath the OS and to create some new system which will be sticking around for a very long time.

The preview which we saw from the new rebranded logos, shows a flat design. As it seems, Microsoft is pushing some modern and way cleaner look. New logos are not coming only for the Xbox, Skype and Bing, other products which were made by Microsoft will get their redesigned logo, as well.


The implementing of the new logos which will eventually come very soon, is a very big risk to take. A lot of people all over the world have said that they have identified this company with the old logos and some radical change maybe will produce negative effects. Microsoft is looking very committed to these new logo designs and the company aimed getting their true message across all their audience. There is not certain date scheduled for the launching of these new logos.

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