Samsung on Top of Smartphone Market

Jasmina Lozevska April 30, 2013 0
Samsung on Top of Smartphone Market

This is not something new that we didn’t know about and it’s very much expected, as well. In this year’s first quarter, Samsung has confirmed that they are staying at the top in the smartphone market. They have shipped 216.2 million devices during this quarter and grabbed 51.6% of the mobile market. According to a report from IDC, we are witnessing more smartphones shipments than the other feature phones for the first time ever.  This is a very significant milestone.

All of the phone manufacturers have shipped a total of 418.6 million devices during this quarter. These numbers are up 4% if we compare the numbers from the last year’s first quarter (402 million) but the numbers are down from the previous quarter. These numbers are more like seasonable trends and we could expect that these numbers are down from the sales for this so called holiday quarter.

The overall market has grown 4% but the shipments are significantly improved. They noticed a 41.6% improvement year over year and jumped from 152.7 million which were noticed in 2012 to 216.2 million in this year. The shipments of the smartphones have dropped 5.1% from the 2012’s fourth quarter, which noticed 227.8 shipments.


Samsung has shipped more devices (70.7 million smartphones) than the other vendors during this first quarter. They have increased their shipments from the last year’s 60.7% and noticed 32.7% of the whole smartphone market. Samsung is the largest supplier of the world of all mobile phones. The shipments have climbed 22.9% from last’s year reaching 115 million smartphone shipments during this first quarter. Samsung is commanding 27.5% of the whole phone market.

The other manufacturer which is a direct competitor to Samsung is Apple. They have shipped 37.4 million smartphones during this Q1. This gave them 17.3% smartphone market share. During the last year’s Q1, Apple ruled 23% of the smartphone market. This ranks this smartphone manufacturer second behind Samsung.

The battle between these two giant companies is going to be even more intense in the future years. As it seems, Samsung will increase its lead over Apple in the upcoming 6 months. This is because the Galaxy S4 has been officially released on the market and likely Apple will not release their new iPhone until September. This gives Samsung a big space of 4 or 5 months to keep building its lead and base. The new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 needs to be extremely impressive if Apple has any intentions for holding of their spot at the market.

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