Samsung Galaxy S4 Detailed Offers at AT&T and Sprint

Sara Cunningham April 30, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Detailed Offers at AT&T and Sprint

Like it was announced last week, this new smartphone from Samsung called the Galaxy S4 has made its official launching at Sprint and AT&T. On that regard, these retailers are offering some detailed deals which involve this device for the consumers. This announcement came after a long wait.

The newest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally available for purchasing and you can order it online from AT&T and Sprint. This might be kind of strange because it went viral only on the Internet, but those who are comfortable of buying it, they can do it on their official websites. You can find the Galaxy S4 offered with various deals from which you can choose from.

If you were planning of getting the phone online, than this is the best information to start the week. Sprint has made an affordable deal which includes paying $249.99 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and it comes along with a two-year contract. But that’s not all. If you are longtime member in the Sprint family or you have a number of some other retailers, you can bring your number to the nearest Sprint store and they will give you a $100 discount. This will significantly lower the cost and you will need to pay only $149.99 instead of the previous $249.99 price.


If you are costumer in AT&T and don’t want to switch to Sprint in order to get that $100 discount, you’ll need to pay $199.99 for picking up the smartphone from this carrier. This purchasing includes 2-year contract which you are obligated to sign. You can find the 16GB version of the smartphone available in both of these carriers. They have announced that the other 32GB version will be available soon enough.

I know that the official launching of this smartphone excites a lot of you out there. But before you place your orders on their websites there are few things which are important for mentioning:

  1. Purchasing this 16GB version of the Galaxy S4 smartphone, will eventually bring your storage down to 8.8GB free. Before judging me for this information, this smartphone uses lot of space for the OS and some other built-in software. If you choose to buy it anyway, I’m giving you an advice to buy additional MicroSD card for expanding your free storage space.
  2. Samsung has announced that they will launch the new rugged Galaxy S4 version very soon and it will be water resistant and dust proof. So if you want this version to be yours, hold on to your old smartphones little bit more.

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