LG Optimus F5 LTE Smartphone Issues About Global Dispersion

Sara Cunningham April 30, 2013 0

Brace yourselves folks, as the latest LG’s F series handset unit is on its way. The F5 has now begun its invasion in France. What will follow is its global dispersion. This kind of phone may not be the same level as a Galaxy S4 but the solid specifications and LTE quality incorporated in this phone may make it worthwhile. If you want to give an LTE a shot, below are the specifications which you might perceive as a winning Smartphone.

LG Optimus F5 LTE Smartphone Issues About Global Dispersion 2

The Basics

For Smartphone consumer, it has become gradually important for them that they’ll have a large display and long battery life. With a 4.3 –inch display and 2,150mAh battery life, the LG Optimus F5 would be most appealing to a new Smartphone user. The user is sure to enjoy a clear view of images. A complimentary Qualcomm 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor and Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 operating system would ensure a fast video and application usage. For its memory storage, 8 GB might be enough but it can still be expanded with 32 GB MicroSD. Camera lovers would also enjoy its front 5.0 MP Front Cam and 1.3 MP Rear Cam. With these basic specs alone, LG Optimus F5 is ready for global dispersion.

The Features

Since this mobile phone is already equipped with 4G LTE, this Smartphone would be loved by many consumers. They can experience the fast streaming speeds provided by such technology without having to pay a high cost that is normally priced with such device.

Furthermore, the Optimus F5 is equipped with the best LG’s exclusive UX user features which will be truly enjoyed by users. First among these features is the QSlide. It allows the user to open several tabs at once in full screen mode. It also has the ability to change the position, transparency and size of the windows. Live Zooming is also a unique feature. It allows the users to “zoom in” on a video for a closer and detailed view on any of the specific areas of the video. There is also Video Wiz. It allows users to play movie director. With this feature, they can edit videos and also enhance them with music and sound using the phone itself. Finally, there is also QTranslator. This feature translates the entire sentences and phrases by using the phone camera to scan the text. It can translate them to any of the 64 languages accepted by such feature.

The Global Dispersion

With these set of specs and features, the CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company is confident that Optimus 5 can capture the untapped market of new Smartphone users. Those who would like to upgrade to these rich features would also fall into temptation. Optimus F5 will now be going to Central and South America as well as in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Asia.

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