Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: Kitchen Sink Issues

Sara Cunningham April 30, 2013 1
Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: Kitchen Sink Issues

Galaxy S4 must be renamed to KS since when Samsung designed the phone, Samsung packed with everything but the Kitchen Sink. Of course, who would not be impressed with the overall phone feature and designs?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Kitchen Sink Issues 2

The Features

Almost anything can be done with this phone. The Air Gesture feature allows you to scroll through web pages and pictures by simply waving your hand in front of the screen. Another feature, the Air View, allows you to preview a story or read a message by hovering your finger. You can also use this mobile phone as a personalized TV guide or a universal remote control. The Camera feature might intrigue you well enough. A feature of this phone would also allow you to either insert a picture of yourself to the photo of others you have taken. Conversely, you can also remove someone who is annoying photo-bombing your pic. Another feature you can with your photos is that you can animate objects. You might think this is cool but there is even a cool feature. Press “drama mode” so that can capture moving objects by shooting around 100 frames in a single burst. But before you’ll be overwhelmed with the feature, review the basics first.

The Basics

Who would not want an awesome 5-inch resolution high resolution phone screen at 1,920 X 1,080 at 441 pixels per inch? Truly, it is an HD device in your palm. A complementary quad core processor would also make this phone fast and furious in executing videos and applications. As for its MicroSD slot, you use 64 GB expansion in addition to the built-in 16 or 32 GB. It is also updated in terms of software as it run’s on Android 4.22 or Jelly Bean. The only “but” in this Smartphone is its plastic body compared to the anodized aluminum and glass of the iPhone. But who cares what the phone is made of? A phone case, phone coating and any other accessory can make it more durable. It also belongs to the class of the larger phones but you may find it comfortable since it is light and thin. Finally, new users won’t find it hard to use this phone since there is an easy mode feature which is intended for them.

The Verdict

This is also great for photo maniacs who love to take pictures of every moment. First time Smartphone users are also going to like this phone. This Smartphone would be loved by techies who loved to use each application and feature because Galaxy S4 is the Kitchen Sink of Smartphones. Almost all features of Smartphones have been thrown to this phone.

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