The Fair Review: Panasonic TC-P42S60 (TCP42S60)

Sara Cunningham April 30, 2013 0
The Fair Review: Panasonic TC-P42S60 (TCP42S60)

For those who are not fans of 3D movies, TC-P42S60 may be the best TV for you. Read the specifications and features carefully so that you can decide whether this plasma TV is all you need.

Picture and Video

Like all S60 units, TCP42S60 displays full 1080 picture. This is great for viewing HD content at its finest. If you really are not in for neither 3D nor LED, then this plasma TV is for you. Like all the other S60 series, the black levels and contrast is not that strong. But compared to LCD and LED counterparts, they are strong enough. Aside from picture quality, the 42 inch display may still fit well in your cozy room or apartment.

The Fair Review Panasonic TC-P42S60 (TCP42S60) 2

As for its video, the 600Hz Sub-field drive is the perfect description of its refresh rate. The refresh rate determines if there is little or no visible motion lag with fast action. This sub-field drive feature can greatly handle side-to-side panning and fast action although 2500 focused-field drive of the ST60 units is way better. Nevertheless, 600 HZ Sub-field drive can still offer the quality video you need. With great picture and video quality, you can just be a couch potato all day in your cozy room.

Features and Inputs

Perhaps what you want in your TV is WiFi connectivity. Don’t worry since TCP42S60. You can easily access your home network through its built-in WiFi. Since the TV is WiFi ready, the supplementary Online Movies feature can provide instant access to your favorite movie providers like Hulu and Netflix. What makes it even more convenient is its Viera Link feature. This allows the user to control all the other devices with Viera Link feature through the remote. If you are also a gamer, then you can play HD games with the TV’s Game Mode. It is guaranteed that there will be no lag between the controller input and the resulting on-screen action.

TCP42S60 has only 2 HDMI ports. This may be a little for some but a home theatre system can solve A/V receiver problems. It also only has 2 USB ports. However, you only need 2 since you won’t be needing an extra port for Network sharing and connectivity. Remember that it already has a built-in Wifi.


An average sized Plasma HD TV and a tight budget may result to buying Panasonic TCP42S60. Great for couch potatoes and gamers alike!

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