The Fair Review: Panasonic TC-P50S60 (TCP50S60)

Sara Cunningham April 30, 2013 1
The Fair Review: Panasonic TC-P50S60 (TCP50S60)

If you are looking for a brand new HDTV, it is a wise choice to consider buying Panasonic TC-P50S60 in your choices. Without further ado, here is the specifications review.

The Fair Review Panasonic TC-P50S60 (TCP50S60) 2

Picture and Video

Panasonic TC-P50650 is a plasma TV with 50 in screen. Though it may be small to most plasma TVs available, it can still be a good choice for those who want a budget set. Its 1080 display will still offer so far the best picture quality. This is a good choice for those who are not in for neither 3D nor LED TV. However, black levels and contrast are not as strong as those with ST60 series. Nevertheless, this model is still better in comparison with the LED and LCD displays.

The 600 Hz Sub-field drive is a description of this plasma TV’s refresh rate. There is a need to describe since plasma TV’s has a better time of refresh rates compared to LED and LCD. This sub-field drive in S60 can handle fast action and even side-to-side panning. Although the 2500 focused-field drive ST60 is way better; 600 Hz is still more than enough to handle the needs. In laymen’s terms, there is little or no visible motion lag with fast action with this sub-field drive.

Features and Inputs

TCP50S60 has networking features for access to home network such as DLNA. The user can quickly and easily share the content via the TV’s built-in WiFi. For more convenience, the Viera Link allows the user to control other devices with Viera Link through the S60 remote. This can be very handy especially for a loyal Panasonic consumer with many devices. In addition, there is Online Movies feature which offers instant access to content providers like Hulu and Netflix. Finally, The Game Mode option is great for HD video games. There is no lag between the resulting on-screen action and the controller’s input.

Speaking of inputs, S60 has 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports. These may be few but the 2 HDMI for some users but this can be easily solved with a home theatre system. You will not also worry with only 2 USB ports since there is already a built-in WiFi. There is no need for those Network-sharing devices and cables.


For those on a tight budget, Panasonic TC-P50S60 is the best choice. It has all the basic features of an advanced TV at a low price!

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  1. Ian Silberstein  September 27, 2015 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    The black levels of the S60 are very close to the ST60 when measured by David Katzmier, CNET. In a dim room the PQ of these two models is very close. The ST with it’s AR filter is less reflective and offers better video processing, which includes a 96HZ mode to combat judder on 24HZ sources. (Blu-Ray)

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