BlackBerry’s CEO Anticipates 10 Million of Q10 Sales

Sara Cunningham May 1, 2013 0
BlackBerry’s CEO Anticipates 10 Million of Q10 Sales

BlackBerry is one of the largest phone makers in the world. It is famous as a business phone. When it comes to sales, BlackBerry is not at all behind. With the success of QWERTY and BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry CEO named Thorsten Heins is expecting more than 10 million sales today.

The Expected Figure

During the Milken Institute conference held in Los Angeles just this Monday, Heins has stated the he has seen great signs of sales after the Q10 launching in the UK last weekend.  According to Bloomberg, they anticipate more than ten million units meaning it exemplifies that he is expecting that the Q10 is more successful than the previously released touch screen Z10. BlackBerry has already sold at least one million units of Z10 in Q1, which manufacturing watchers have taken note as a slow start.

BlackBerry’s CEO Anticipates 10 Million of Q10 Sales 2

The Retailer’s Statement

One of the famous UK retailers is Selfridges. It was the first one to sell BlackBerry Q10 to the people when it solely offered as the new Smartphone in the weekend. According to the seller, the BlackBerry Q10 was quickly sold out and has been known as the consumer’s favorite electronics product, taking only twenty four hours to gain a good title. According to Julian Slim, the head of home and leisure, the BlackBerry Q10 is certainly the most exceedingly anticipated Smartphone ever sold and is already successful. April 30th is the target date of BlackBerry Q10 to be available to the masses.

The Essence of Keyboards

The hum of the launching of BlackBerry’s Q10 can be attached to its feature, the QWERTY keyboard. There are people who prefer physical keyboard, than touch screen. The best about BlackBerry loyal is to get ready to refine fingers with a plastic soft keyboard. After the launching of Q10 in the UK last Tuesday, it will be available in BlackBerry’s hometown Canada this May 1 and in May at all four major US carriers.

On Monday, during the conference, Heins has addressed some negative comments released and it stated that the return rates of BlackBerry Z10 were unusually high. While the launching of BlackBerry has been done, one investigation from the SEC and financial regulators went out in straight set the record. The result has finally revealed that the quality of BlackBerry speaks for itself, no more, no less.

There are lots of figures associated in blackberries Q10. But one thing is for sure, Blackberry is one of the most successful phone makers.

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