Curved-Screen OLED TV: To Ship by LG Corp This May

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Curved-Screen OLED TV: To Ship by LG Corp This May

LG had recently begun accepting plenty of pre-orders for their 55-inch curve-screen LG OLED TV. The pre-orders are set for shipping next month. The goals of LG are to boost the number of consumers that are interested in their television sets. According to the NDP Display Search, for the first time last year, the sales of LCD television have begun to decline. For this reason, they find ways to roll back their sales and the CEO of LG believed that this is something that should be done in a moment.

Curved-Screen OLED TV To Ship by LG Corp This May 2

LG Finding Ways

LG has spent more time finding ways to make their products more admirable. This is a great thanks to competitors such as the smart TVs, mobile entertainment, and 4K resolution. LG have thought that the television curved-screen set may encourage real interest and fascination. The famous manufacturer spent a lot of time dealing with time improvement just to enhance their newly developed technology. They ensure that their products do not only offer innovation but also great service and as much as possible higher reviews. The model 55EA9800 model shows an evenly remote design that lets viewers to perceive clearly regardless of where they sit. The LG has described it as the eliminations of the problems on visual distortion screen-edge and detail loss.

The Specifications

On the whole, the measures set 4.3 millimeters thick and seventeen kilograms in weight. The television will allegedly cost up to $13,500. This makes it as an expensive device; however it could be the prospective winner for LG. The latest television set also features the latest WRGB technology that lets people to convey color with a sub-pixel white together with red, green and blue pixels to be found in standard television sets. The model also features thin-film transparent speakers that provide a sound of high-quality. It’s a remarkable device that is a must-have for television addicts or for those who are seeking a quality time watching great movies at home.

The NDP Display Search foresees that is would take at least 2 years before the two million sets are shipped. In the year 2016, they predict at least seven million.

The changes on the way the people watch television is not a secret at all. After all, there are already existing technologies that have been introduced. Even though an innovative inspiring television set is not likely to gather much interest, to be taken as a whole it may still be the best movement for LG.

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