Durability Test Revealed: Galaxy S4 found to Break Easily

Sara Cunningham May 1, 2013 0
Durability Test Revealed: Galaxy S4 found to Break Easily

Galaxy S4 has hit the stores throughout the world. But the durability test has revealed that S4 is more susceptible to break easily after average water and drops. According to the test result of SquareTrade, the test result is apparent that its forerunner iPhone 5, and Galaxy S III.

Durability Test Revealed Galaxy S4 found to Break Easily 2

The Examinations

One of the criteria which the SquareTrade evaluates is also the grip-ability. Above all, the larger dimension of both Samsung Smartphone devices has made them less convenient to grip compared to iPhone 5. During the water drunken test, the audio of GS3 was totally lost, but its video playback has worked. The 2 phones have retained video and audio playback after the drunken test.

The Results and Evaluations

SquareTrade has posted a new video on YouTube this Monday shows the 3 out of 10 conducted many times on all 3 devices. The results have been tabulated a new brittleness rating for the Galaxy S4 of seven out of ten, with ten as the highest possibility of breaking. The S3, on the other hand, was the second most breakable with a rating of 6.5. The iPhone 5 was said to be the least most fragile of the 3, with a score of five.

These three models: Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 were called the medium risk for breakability. According to SquareTrade, its scientific tests are based on the thousands of reports as to how a Smartphone is smashed, such as having a liquid spilled out and sliding the phones on the tables. Huge screens means higher risks for breakage. The Galaxy S4 only has a 5 inch display, compared to a 4 inch display on iPhone 5. On Square Trade’s Video, experts performed a 4 ft corner drop test that shows the 3 devices falling on a concrete floor.

The result has shown that the iPhone is durable since it has 2 smaller scratches, but the GS4 has a huge crack at the bottom with finer cracks on the screen. The finer cracks are similar to GS3. At times, manufacturers wish to have a back cover to add protection to the device.

The Fair Conclusions

The SquareTrade stated about their research which has shown that the Android phones are thirteen times higher risk of damage than lost or stolen, while the iPhones are ten times more risk of damage than lost or stolen. According to the company, out of eight, there is one Samsung Phone that breaks for any reasons within six months.

The damage rating comes from the top 5 cause of accidents: 24% falling out from a person’s hand; 17% immersed in liquid; 15% fell out from person’s lap; 11% liquid spilled and 9% table knock off.

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