Google on iOS: Now Launches Using the Google Search App

Sara Cunningham May 1, 2013 0
Google on iOS: Now Launches Using the Google Search App

Finally, Google has launched its foreseeable platform search for Apple iOS.

Google has finally decided to bring in its platform to one of the largest phone-maker, Apple. This is specifically for Apple’s operating system. The platform is a new feature of the search application from Google for both iPad and iPhone. The new version allows access to the search application itself.

Google on iOS Now Launches Using the Google Search App 2

The New Platform

Since Google Now platform has served as a personal assistant for every Android, its role is filled in iOS through Siri application. While numerous features of Now have been brought up to iOS, elements such as 3rd-party integration features and gesture controls were not included in the update.

Since iOs has an exceptional partitioned nature, Google can be activated within the search application tool. But, it worked only when the user will turn on, is keen on updates and must log in to Google account. After turning on, it can only be accessed inside the Search app.

Android Vs. iOS

When you compare the wonders of both iOS and Android, you will notice their great differences. But it alleviates a little facing the fact that you can swipe the Search app in order to activate. Android has a motion which is a significant process on the way people bring in. But, certainly, you cannot simply carry out it from any iOS system-wide location.

The Updates

The update permits users to have great access to the personal assistant features provided by the Now platform, like weather, scheduling and updates on significant information such as traffic, flights and any location-specific data. The Now service also presents personalized news feeds, like the updates and scores on a user’s most favorite sports leagues and teams.

iOS users may obtain Google’s Search update with a Now platform through the iTunes App Store. Such application is accessible free of charge and needs iOS 5.0. Google Now platform continues to be an exceptionally persuasive experience that only Google is parsing and gathering enough data to duplicate. There is simply nothing compared with iOS up till now, including Siri. Lots of power lies in Now the platform is predictive in nature.

Now, the iOS version can be used only at WiFi locations; it does not have a GPS. This means, the device conserves more battery by distinguishing both entrance and exits from important locations. This allows Now to keep track of important things such as the route that travels on your way for your shopping today.

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