NEC Terrain Candy-Bar Phone Aims to Take on BlackBerry

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NEC Terrain Candy-Bar Phone Aims to Take on BlackBerry

If you have never heard of this new Japanese manufacturer, you do not have to worry because NEC is a good and reliable company. While the world of technology has progressively increased, it is without a doubt that a lot of manufacturers experimented and evaluated the goodness and the possible future device that would make our lives easier and more convenient. In other words, they do not start learning. NEC comes not to imitate or copy the feature of other phones, but comes to innovate and give more features to the masses. NEC is indeed new to people especially those that are not familiar with techies. 

NEC Terrain Candy-Bar Phone Aims to Take on BlackBerry 2

Know More About NEC

One good thing about NEC is its impressive and unique design. While Japan is the leading manufacturer of NEC, it apparently speaks that NEC is of great quality. As obvious at it may seem, the NEC is currently making Smartphones, despite the fact that you come across a very few people who are previous users of this one, it is not too far from the top lists, especially the company is progressing. Apparently speaking, NEC desires to have a place in the business and take BlackBerry, whether old or new.

NEC comes with a 3.5-inch and will be a rock star to everybody. Just like the BlackBerry, it has a devoted hardware that is a soft keyboard for all people who prefer to type than touching on the screen. Though not yet popular, the CEO of NEC is actually planning to achieve millions of sales on the latter part.

The Trends of Specifications

The trend and design of keypads are not a traditional style. It will always be offered by many manufacturers because it is also convenient for some people at different angles. NEC comes to prove that keyboard phones are great and that it also has a trend of today’s time.

Though, the NEC specifications and some hardware details have not been totally revealed at the popular spot of technical forums. The NEC Company promises to state their date of release as well as the specific duration. Their target date is the 4th day of April. They did not reveal anything except what to expect from the device. They stated not to expect a high end level device in terms of specs. They also stated that the NEC is free of contract for now.

NEC has many products but is new to phones. While NEC’s phone has been currently progressing, it will not stop until they reach the top.

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