Will Google Glass Become a Fashion Statement?

Jasmina Lozevska May 1, 2013 0
Will Google Glass Become a Fashion Statement?

Robert Scoble posted some weird pictures of himself under the shower while wearing the newest wearable gadget from Google called the Glass. And while this was happening, some of the others who have more intellect are voicing some reasons why Google Glass never gains the proper respect. That how it is right now, someone’s showering to show things and someone’s just doing their job.

When this gadget becomes a part of reality, people will be fascinated by it. But equal to this, it might be little bit underwhelmed. This will put the Glass in a position to gain so many mocking comments which will be received from the other normal people. However, the Google Glass won’t be released into this ‘normal’ world with ‘normal’ people for at least a year.

But still, it seems like something bothers us. We can’t even get any slight knowledge that this tech person Robert Scoble wears his Google Glass in some of the public toilets. During this previous weekend, he posted an image of himself naked (torso) wearing this gadget while showering. Some of the people who are experiencing the first touch with this device will be very excited, and others will have the prejudice confirmed that wearing the Glass will make you some kind of an alien-looking being.


I’m tending with those who are saying that the nerds lost their minds with this new notion. I’m now sure why Google is discussing the design of the Google Glass with some retro designers. This is just my opinion and my side of the story. Some intellectual reasoning was given about the potential rejection of this product. The reasoning was given by David Galbraith who said that maybe the futuristic design of it might gave bring the downfall. David is the co-founder of Yelp. He added that people find more fashionable things in the past, and they are not so much focused on the future. He wrote that futuristic look is for someone who drives into the space but not for those who are hanging out and walking in Williamsburg.

There is definitely something inhuman about this. Wearing these devices, all the users are giving up from their body in order to replace it with technology and ceding little bit of their humanity to the machine. The technology is very important for all the internet services but for a device like the iPhone. But the wearing technology is not so much predictors of the future and of success. These things are just tending to futuristic wearable designs and without any certain requirement for sensibility of fashion.

This kind of “lost in translation” is suggesting that nerds never experienced a personal style and they are making their new gadgets worn accessories. Lacking of any kind of style will result like a Mercedes car without its brand logo.

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