Yahoo Refreshing their Image: New TV Affiliations and Six New Shows

Sara Cunningham May 1, 2013 0

Yahoo announced some refreshments of their image adding some new TV affiliations and 6 new original shows. This is the result from bringing more content to the users. The company has launched some new Web Shows which are starring Cheryl Hines, John Stamos and Ed Helms. There are some new debuting programs from Conde Nast, CNBS, ABC News and WWE.

Merissa Mayer, a CEO at Yahoo, has made a promise that Yahoo will be made a place that people will want to visit every day. And for that, Yahoo has announced that they will debut with 6 new Web shows in 2013. These shows include wide range from Ed Helms who is playing a crime fighter all the way to Megan Mitchell who will give some outdoor grilling tips. There will be even John Stamos who will make his show with interviewing all the celebrities about their virginity loosing.


Erin McPherson, in his statement said that over the last year they have doubled their original programming on Yahoo. With that, it became one of the plenty largest publishers of content on the Web. The new partnership and the shows which are announced in Yahoo will demonstrate the best way of its building scale. The plan is reaching more of the targeted audiences and making more and more innovative content.

Here are the new Web shows which are included in Yahoo:

  1. Grill Girls: Chef Megan Mitchell will be sharing hers secrets about grilling and she will be giving tips for everything from pizzas through peaches to stakes.
  2. Cinema & Spice: Natasha Feldman and Julianna Strickland will be exploring food and they will be teaching the viewers with new ideas about decorating and showing their best cooking skills.
  3. Fashion Recipe: Brett Alan Nelson, who is a stylist for celebrity, will teach you how to get everything from one certain clothing article.
  4. Losing Your Virginity with John Stamos: He will be interview celebrities about the 1st sexual experience.
  5. We need help: Rachael Harris and Cheryl Hines will exploit the personal assistant.

Last week Yahoo announced that they will bring some current episodes and archives of the “Saturday Night Live” show. You can access the archives through the Yahoo sites and they will start in September.

As an addition to this, launching of new Web shows, Yahoo announced that it will be partnering with more television networks for bringing some archived shows and more of the current programming. Those partners are WWE for some wrestling shows, ABC news for the news programs, for showing finance shows they brought CNBC and for lifestyle programs they made partners with Conde Nast.

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