The Next Xbox: Will it be Named Xbox Infinity

Jaycee De Guzman May 1, 2013 0
The Next Xbox: Will it be Named Xbox Infinity


Yesterday we wrote something about the next generation Xbox and its launching on May 21. This has confirmed all the rumors which aimed this product from Microsoft about the official date for the launch. Now, we are facing other rumors that arrived earlier this morning. The rumors are saying that this new Xbox will be called Xbox Infinity.

As far, Microsoft hasn’t formally confirmed that this product is under production but they didn’t stop all the rumors from floating around the web. Still, this next Xbox goes by the code-name Durango but the most recent speculations suggests other name for this gaming console. According to some new report from Forbes, this previously called Xbox 720 will be the new Xbox Infinity. The product will include an Infinite Entertainment and Infinite Possibilities like a tagline and plus a logo.

Some other rumors are saying other things about the controller. Like it’s said, the Xbox controller will include a touch panel which will be similar to the panel of the PS4. Normally it will allow gestures and it will be clickable. It will work like the d-pod works on some of today’s controllers. None of these rumors sound like they are out of reach or impossible. But the Forbes’s report has noted some “official leak” with completely different logo but they didn’t mention the “infinity” sign anywhere.

Previously, Microsoft has called the next upgraded version of its product not so  interesting as its configuration of the hardware which was rumored. They have added that the speculations for the “always on” feature are not extremely accurate.


But one thing is for sure, we’ll have the complete review and detailed information about this product when Microsoft makes the official revelation on 21 of May. Until that date, we will keep on mind the Microsoft’s official statement. This report is a really good indicator that we can expect from this platform to offer so much more than gaming. It’s very much expected from all the analysts and the public, Microsoft is about to offer something more than just gaming and TV entertainment. They had nothing to share at that time, leaving all the information for the official unveiling.

We are all excited for this big product. Keeping on mind that the competition already made their move with the new products, Microsoft is on the line for toping them and be first on the market again.

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