Could Apple be Doomed Because Of New iPhone Delays

Heidi Speare May 1, 2013 0
Could Apple be Doomed Because Of New iPhone Delays


Apple and the new iPhone are the most rumored these days. An analyst reported yesterday that if some delay for the new iPhone happens that will be a pretty bad thing for the company. Once in a year, they release their new device in a fixed time schedule, and if this release comes later than expected, the Cupertino company will take a huge hit.

Apple’s tradition to launch one iPhone per year has not lost users so far. The consumers are buying few devices in the quarter right before the next generation model goes officially on sale. According to the previous mentioned analyst, Toni Sacconaghi from Bernstein Research, if Apple extends its smartphone releasing habits this year, they might suffer share losing at this time. If we keep on mind that this period the market became a so-called smartphone horse race, of course that Apple will take a big hit and fell behind the competition.

Sacconaghi expects that the market share of the iPhone among the other smartphones made by the competition, will fall down from 17% to 12% in this current quarter. He noted that this market share mark will be the lowest since 2009. And that’s not all. He added that in the upcoming months this number could go lower if the next generation iPhone device doesn’t come in near future.



From previous rumors and reports from analysts, we learned that the Apple’s iPhone will arrive sometime in September which will keep the consumer’s focus. But anytime late than this period, Apple’s market share will definitely slip 9%. This might not be a bad thing for Apple anyway because the Mac is increasing its sales on the market and this computer is commanding the share with 5%. But this percentage doesn’t mean anything because this Mac makes high profits which estimate 40% of the total profits in the industry. The iPhone sales are expected to grow also with the upcoming years. For year and a half, Apple will be selling millions of the other brand devices like the iPods and iPads.

The report comes right from the same research firm which has released a report last week about Samsung. They said that this company has grown 9 times faster than its biggest competitor Apple in the Q1 of 2013. But this involves all the sales of their low-cost smartphones. Apple is rumored to release a budget iPhone but Tim Cook said that Apple is continuing to sell their older devices on the market and they don’t need this kind of a smartphone.

The longest period between iPhone releases happened in June 2010 (iPhone 4) and October 2011 (iPhone 4S). This move gave the Apple’s developers a big chance to release their new system software at the traditional conference for developers in June. Apple done this very same thing last year and the company is expected to do it again this year.

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