BlackBerry’s CEO Statement About Five Years for Tablets

Sara Cunningham May 2, 2013 0
BlackBerry’s CEO Statement About Five Years for Tablets

According to the CEO of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, he is not a big fan of tablets ever since it came out from the leading manufacturers. He even asked why there is a need for such mobile devices during an interview with Bloomberg. Furthermore, he even went far as to saying that there will be no longer a reason to have tablets anymore within the next five years.

BlackBerry’s CEO Statement About Five Years for Tablets 2

The Bold for BlackBerry

This is such a bold statement made by BlackBerry, especially for its one and only attempt to make a tablet named BlackBerry PlayBook. As we recall this attempt, this mobile device was a huge failure at its release. The failure may be attributed to the absence of its signature BlackBerry messaging and Email applications. As of the moment, such device is reduced to a bargain bin piece. Nevertheless, this confidence of releasing such statement may be due to BlackBerry 10.1 which is found to have more than a dozen of new features. Among the features, High Dynamic Range (HDR) Camera may be one of the best. It is a camera mode which allows the user to take picture with better clarity. As such, there will be greater detail in the darkest and lightest areas of a picture which other cameras are not capable.

The Oppositions

Contrary to the CEO’s statement, there are still loyal BlackBerry consumers who are eager for a PlayBook descendant to be released with full and updated BlackBerry 10 as operating system. Still, Heins still appears disinterested. He said earlier that BlackBerry would not produce tablets unless it would be profitable to make them. This was repeated many times to Bloomberg. Furthermore, he added that he did not believe that it was not good to be in the tablet business. Unlike Bloomberg’s last comments, there are lots of companies eager to produce tablets and are making profits. First on the list is Apple which is famous for its iPad. Amazon did not even care whether or not it is profitable and thus made its famous Kindle Fire. And then, there is Samsung which has been successful for its Dou devices namely the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab. With these lineups, Heins is still firm

Despite the above mentioned facts about successful tablets, Heins still expects to the leading manufacturer of mobile devices in terms of volume sales within the next five years. Apparently, he would like to achieve this without the help of tablets.

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