IllumiRoom Technology: Microsoft’s Expansion for Xbox Projector

Sara Cunningham May 2, 2013 0
IllumiRoom Technology: Microsoft’s Expansion for Xbox Projector

Today, Microsoft has revealed its details of controversial IllumiRoom technology. This is a home entertainment reality system that displays beyond imagination and gaming content. Brett Jones was one of the team members that made this research. According to the computing systems’ conference, the IllumiRoom is a massive technology that displays more than just a simple living room. It is a gaming content that comes to life.

IllumiRoom Technology Microsoft’s Expansion for Xbox Projector 2

Getting Closer to the Room

The IllumiRoom is fueled speculations worldwide as a new technology that may be incorporated in the next-generation Xbox. This will be revealed next month.  Successive teasers only augment this conjecture, though the company far refused to bear out whether or not the IllumiRoom will be incorporated within its impending console, unfolding it only as a proof concept system.

A Pure Research Project

According to Benko, this is still a pure research project. Benko added that the next-generation consoles were not an open position to the Xbox, but a look five or ten years down the road. Thus this is only a research project and nothing else. The IllumiRoom has been revealed with strange fanfare. The Microsoft’s chief technical strategy officer, Eric Rudder, exposed the system during the CES keynote of Samsung this year, setting it up with a professional demo video. Benko accredited that the quality production of the video was absolutely higher-end than the usual ones, but the company’s spokesperson persists that the clip was only intended the excitement and thrill of the people for the future research ventures. According to them, it was not a teaser after all like an impending latest product release. The researcher has stated that Samsung is not drawn in with the IllumiRoom’s production.

The Trend of IllumiRoom

The overall indication and signs of the technology has suggested that it will be ready not later, but sooner. Microsoft’s demos — planned and executed within just 3 months — have remarkably seemed advanced, and even though the company has stated that IllumiRoom may be used to boost TV and film, gaming has been its major focus. That trend sustained in our day, as Jones staunch the mainstream of his arrangement to unfolding how the IllumiRoom could change the gaming experience of the people. He openly compared it to Oculus Rift, and dropping statement saying that the IllumiRoom would allow impressive and diverse game play.

He believes that IllumiRoom has a lot of advantages. According to him also, it is not just a virtual reality but an augmented reality gaming experience. It allows a shared experience to interact and see the player sitting next to you.

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