New Microsoft Skype Preview Feature to

Sara Cunningham May 2, 2013 0
New Microsoft Skype Preview Feature to

Recently, a preview version of Skype for has been released by Microsoft for the betterment. This feature will enable users to use Skype messaging and video calling in addition to Microsoft’s email service. Contacts from Skype will be displayed through the contact list. The users will then have the choice of calling someone instead of writing a message in response to an email. This is what makes the feature more convenient.

New Microsoft Skype Preview Feature to 2

The Revelations of Innovations

The preview version further reveals that options to send a message or make a call will appear when a friend’s photo in Outlook is clicked. This transition of Outlook from using Windows Messenger to Skype does not mean that Messenger can’t be used any more. In fact, users can still call their Messenger buddies. Nevertheless, the presence of Skype at will allow the user to use the ‘select set’ option of users in the US and UK. Microsoft even revealed in a blog post that they will slowly make Skype be available to all Outlook customers. They will even upgrade the experience of such feature based on the customer’s feedback.

The Things to Note Down

Those who will be availing this feature will see an icon at the top of Outlook Inbox informing the user with a message that Skype integration is already available. Those who already use Skype can link such account to Outlook. In other words, Skype contacts will be displayed in your contact list and the user can even send a message or call them directly from their Outlook accounts. Furthermore, Skype users will have to install the Skype Web plug-in. It will be hassle free since the user will not have to restart the browser. Of course, the users will be notified to install such plug-in if they want to activate the Skype feature in Outlook. To sum up the description of this integration, the best phrase for it may be “email convenience at its best.”

In addition to Skype, Outlook can now even permit its users to use Facebook Chat. The launching in the 2012 summer gave Outlook 25 million users in a short time of 4 months. PCMag labeled Outlook as the number one Web application in the “Best Products of 2012”. IT even described Outlook as the “best thing to happen to email in years. With this feature plus the Skype integration, Outlook is going to attract even more users. After all, users want quick and convenient access in communication.

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