Nokia’s VC New Plan Investments – Camera Array Company Pelican Imaging

Sara Cunningham May 2, 2013 0

According to Bloomberg, the Nokia Growth Partners or NGP has great plans to place funds into the Pelican Imaging.

The Pelican Imaging in 2011 had made its first Smartphones array camera. Aside from using single lens and camera, the array cameras have been invented as a series of lenses, and expand the images taken by each. On top of being slimmer than a custom Smartphone camera, the arrays will open up the opportunity of focusing post-capture— comparable to what the Lytro is done with custom cameras.

Nokia’s VC New Plan Investments - Camera Array Company Pelican Imaging 1

The Importance of Pelican

The array cameras have been on the cusp and the Pelican does have software for that according to Bo Ilsoe, the Nokia Growth Partners. His statement has been passed to Bloomberg last Monday. He added that doing this technology and specification alone is very complicated. That is why they considered Pelican since it has been one of the best companies in this technology.

No Investments Revealed

There are no words as to when or how much the investment of NGP might be. Newscasters have been asking both NGP and Pelican Imaging for any comments but have not received any feedback. If the feedback is already revealed, rest assured the whole thing will be displayed.

Specification Details

Nokia has been concentrating on the imaging capabilities as a point of separation of late, it created a sensor handset of 41 megapixels, last year was the PureView 808. While the apparatus itself made slight impact, it also served to bring in the brand name PureView and any imaging features that were developed in the PureView 808 which was later made in the Lumia 820 and 920. The 808 is actually a thought that has to be laid down the foundation for addition of better sensors for Lumia handsets. It has been rumored to launch in May.

Nokia has been speaking and uttering about its imaging features for their existing Lumias, but was totally left with a red-faced mark when an ad claiming to display the optical image stabilization on the Nokia 920 become not filmed with the handset. As of January, the Nokia has spent another $250m to NGP, as an additional of $600m already had under administration.

The most current investments of NGP include a Swedish service of video-streaming Voddler of an $8m and a funding round for newcomer Cloudmark messaging security for $23m. Swype, is a software analytical dictionary company which NGP had spent over several rounds, was obtained by Nuance last year for $100m.

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