Sony’s Triluminos Technology Tough Decision to Compete

Sara Cunningham May 2, 2013 2
Sony’s Triluminos Technology Tough Decision to Compete

As of this date, the Sony which is always eager to develop and advance a new technology announced a brand new display technology. This is because they wanted to expand their business and pull back their name as one of the most quality and reputable technology maker. This company revealed their new signature Triluminos display technology. This kind of technology greatly enhances the display of devices far better than the Retina displays and Super AMOLED counterparts.

Sony’s Triluminos Technology Tough Decision to Compete 2

The Advancement and Innovation

With this new advancement of technology, the company is greatly excited to incorporate such display technology to their famous Xperia lines. In line with this, Sony revealed that the heads of Sony Philippines have confirmed that this Triluminos display technology will certainly be incorporated to Sony Xperia Smartphone lines. This would be a great enhancement because Sony still uses the old TFT Panel in top and famous handset releases such as the Sony Xperia Z. Certainly, Triluminos is Sony’s frontal assault in terms of display technologies against the signature displays of other companies such as the Super AMOLED and the Retina Display.

This technology may give Sony a chance to take the lead of the mobile world. TFT panel is already great. What will you expect with a new technology to be incorporated which has several years gap against the old display technology? Of course, it will be a landslide difference of picture and display quality. Triluminos is already used in Sony Bravia and other gadgets. What is left to be fused with this technology are the mobile phones, particularly the Xperia Smartphones.

The Explanation of Technology Enhancements

A lot of critics, techies, consumers and potential customers may get curious and ask how this technology works. To answer this query, Sony explains that the Triluminos display utilizes nanocrystals or quantum dots in order to show the information. These crystals are very tiny that they have properties of quantum. This property allows them to emit the light at a precise preset of wavelengths. The result of the overall process is a great enhancement of display and picture factors. A superior color gamut and a greatly improve brightness and contrast are just a few of such enhancements. Smartphone users will definitely enjoy the enhance display. Graphics of game applications will have more clarity, thereby improving the game experience. Pictures and videos will have richer color, brightness, and contrast. Lots of people are already curious while waiting for such display technology to be available in the Smartphones. Once it does, Xperia experience will never be the same.

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