The Expansion and Additions of Nokia Lumia 920 Lead to Funny Ads

Sara Cunningham May 3, 2013 0
The Expansion and Additions of Nokia Lumia 920 Lead to Funny Ads

The latest advertisement of Nokia Lumia 920 has shown to be incredibly funny for the largest controversial in technology the Android and the Apple. With regards to the war between Android and Apple, it is not new to techies; it is already a universal fact. From the cases of the court down to the releasing of edgy Smartphones, all the time the two are together not in good condition, but as the best enemy of all.

The Expansion and Additions of Nokia Lumia 920 2

War Between Apple and Android = NOKIA LUMIA 920

Due to its controversies, Noka Lumia 920 has been utilizing the war in its favor. The model comes with Windows operating system in the new advertisement. Overall, the advertisement displays the big fight between visitors in a wedding with Samsung and Apple phones.

The ad exactly opens on a wedding, which every visitor is lifted up with their phones to record a video or upload pictures of the bride and groom as the second vows begin. But, as one guest also stands up to take a photo using the Samsung Phablet, one guest also stands up using the iPhone. Since the Samsung user is the first one to stand, the iPhone user requests the first one to move his so called “enormous phone.”

Due to this statement, another Samsung user has responded in taunt, look over, retorts and give each other a high five NFC-enhanced along with a statement of “You mean the enormously awesome Galaxy?” With this, the Apple users get up and protect the Apple user. Starting from these happenings, the war has started. The guests also indulge in punching and kicking each other fighting over the phone. The ad does not only feature the fighting and the punching between Samsung and iPhone use because at the end the two Nokia Lumia 920 users came and calmly standing recording the entire fight. The ad has been famous already because the war between Android and Apple is very much controversial. The world knows about it and there are a lot of speculations that they have gone trough. The ad so far has gained 774,014 views in just one day, with a likes of 14,799 and dislikes of 879.

The Ending Details

The advertisement ends with 2 Nokia Lumia users serenely watching the whole fight. As one user asks about the thought if those Apple users and Samsung users know about Nokia Lumia 920, they would stop fighting. The other user answered ‘they like fighting’.

The message of the advertisement is not to fight but to switch a phone that is far better than the two. Overall the ad has great thoughts.

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