Cloud Storage to Be Introduced by Verizon Soon

Jasmina Lozevska May 2, 2013 0
Cloud Storage to Be Introduced by Verizon Soon

Verizon is heading towards to the storage business as they are set for bringing their Cloud storage sometime in these upcoming weeks. As reported, this company will allow storage up to 125GB and including its lowest storage for no charge of 500MB. It looks like Verizon are spreading their range into some other businesses.

Verizon Wireless is making its way into the cloud storage business in a big way. In one of the upcoming few weeks, Verizon will deliver it newly cloud storage for tablets and smartphones. All the costumers who will subscribe to this product will get 500MB as a bonus without any additional charge. But this storage can reach as high as 125GB. For this, Verizon will offer 4 other plans for storage capacity for their costumers:

  • 500MB for free of charge
  • 25GB only for $2.99 monthly payment
  • 75GB for 5.99 monthly payment

This app, which brings secure storage for the costumers and represents a place where you can store, back up and access your information. David Samberg, a manager for public relations in Verizon, said that because all of the costumers are using many different devices, which some of them are running on different OS, this Cloud storage service will allow transferring data between iOS and Android devices. It’s made accessible through computers, tablets and smartphones.


Verizon is expected to roll out this service on Android first. The mentioned support for the iOS devices can be expected few days after the official release for the Android based devices. As for the other devices which run on other OS platforms different than these previously mentioned operating systems, it will eventually come by the end of this year.

Whether users are looking forward for saving multimedia, music, contacts, call logs or saving text messages and other files they are bringing you this storage for disposal. For many of the users of smartphones, the content which is stored on the devices is more valuable than the smartphone itself. The public is using their devices for making their saved data and information very important for their life. This Cloud storage will come as handy when you have lost your device or when you choose to replace the old smartphone with new one. You can simply keep your information here and without any question, this Cloud from Verizon will come completely safe and secure.

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