Does Twitter Have a Google Glass App, Already?

Heidi Speare May 2, 2013 0
Does Twitter Have a Google Glass App, Already?


This gadget from Google hasn’t made its official appearance on the market yet and the other companies already have applications for it. Twitter is the last in the lane which as it seems, made an appearance with application for this wearable new technology made by Google. The application appeared just for few minutes before it was deleted and if this is real Twitter unofficially announced its own application.

This tweet, that was deleted, suggested some photos taken through the device but it’s unknown why they were deleted shortly afterwards. This has been only a conclusion made by Tech Crunch because they were the first site which reported that someone is taking photos with this new device. Someone has already taken some photos and published them through Twitter with some application for this social network.

From the photo, we can see that the tweet was sent from some new application called “Twitter for Glass”. But, the thing that confuses us is why it has been deleted after few minutes. Maybe we will know the answer to this question in near future when Twitter makes up its mind to officially release this new application. However, the link which leads towards this photo still exists but the photo doesn’t. If you open the link it will bring you to twitter’s error page but still, you can see the URL existence. This suggests that TechCrunch isn’t making up this story.

In this recently reported statement, TechCrunch has said some comments about this. The loudest speaker was John Doerr with his announcement about some group which is called Glass Collective. As it seems, Doerr has made some announcements and dropped some hints about this application just few days before this Google Glass application for Twitter was unofficially announced. Twitter didn’t give any answers for this situation.


The thing that is interesting about the tweet is that it was real and was sent in kind of stock language through a hashtag. The tweet went under this official tweet: “Just shared a photo #throughglass”. This makes lot of sense because the Glass hasn’t any ability for adding a certain text attached to a tweet. But as it seems it will be ideal gadget for sharing images from on-going events, stores, walks or hanging out with friends.

The big challenge for Twitter and for the any other company out there is adapting its application the voice feature and the tap interface. Taking an image through the Google Glass and tweeting is a wimple feature of making this application workable for this device. But Twitter plays the role of primal text service which is tapped on the keyboard. This service is starting to spread out in the available wide range. This Glass app may present to its consumers video tweets, audio tweets with unlimited span of the time and new cases for using. It will also include 140-character limit with some featured indication of how many characters are left. You can add some favorable links to your tweets. The thing that is limited is the voice recognition.

To be honest, I don’t like limits and if you see someone frustrated while wearing this gadget, you will know that it’s from the limitations.

We are waiting the official release of this gadget to make conclusions, and finally these rumors which are surrounding the gadget to stop.

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