Come June 11 the Original iPhone Will Be No More

Alex Bezeau May 2, 2013 0
Come June 11 the Original iPhone Will Be No More


Let me bring you 7 years ago, when the first original iPhone was revealed to the public. At this moment, I have the image in my head when Steve Jobs was holding the first legendary product called the iPhone. Now, after all these years, it’s time Apple to make this product obsolete. We will tell you what obsolete and vintage means a little bit later.

This original iPhone will receive the “vintage” status very soon. It will become obsolete for Apple in no time. This is all in an internal doc that was first seen by 9to5 Mac. It will happen on June 11 this year and this means that all the people who have this device will be no longer served with repairs or other services. This change is scheduled to take place in Apple’s retail stores, regions of Latin America, Europe, Canada, and Asia Pacific. These regions are named according to the previously mentioned document, but this original iPhone will be set to “vintage” for all the other repair centers, that are authorized for these services by Apple, in the US.

This is the time when all the other unauthorized services take place. You will be able to get repairs for your first iPhone device but only in some other place than an Apple Store.

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Now it’s the time to tell you what vintage & obsolete means.

First, vintage products for Apple are those who were active at the market five or less than 7 years. Apple was making discontinued service for hardware of the vintage products with some exceptions:

  • Owners of Macintosh vintage products can obtain their service within the borders of California, US.
  • Owners of the iPod vintage products in California can obtain their service by contacting the AppleCare center 1-800-APL-CARE or from an Apple’s retail store.

Obsolete products for Apple are those that were discontinued more than 7 years. This company was making discontinued service for the obsolete devices with no further exceptions. The service providers which are authorized by Apple can’t order any parts for these obsolete products.

It’s time to say goodbye to this original iPhone, and it was about time. Seriously, I think that every user out there already has replaced their old iPhone device with some of the newer iPhones.

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