Tablets May Be “Useless” in 5 Years says Blackberry CEO

Sara Cunningham May 2, 2013 0
Tablets May Be “Useless” in 5 Years says Blackberry CEO

Beside all the other reports, which indicate that the future will represent the “World of the Tablets” the CEO of BlackBerry doesn’t think so. Thorsten Heins, who is not a big fan of tablets, said that in 5 years all the tablets out there will become useless. This was reported by Bloomberg because they were interviewing him.

He was asked questions about these mobile devices in an interview taken by Bloomberg earlier this week. He said that there will be no reason for using a tablet. This comes from a guy who with his company didn’t have the proper experience with tablet devices. BlackBerry once tried to launch a tablet but the attempt was more than unsuccessful. This device was called BlackBerry PlayBook and to be honest it was the biggest flop on the tablet market. It has been launched without even a core, messaging applications and without BlackBerry e-mail. This device is now considered to be a bargain-bin product.


The interesting part is that they still believe BlackBerry can make a new updated device from the PlayBook which will run on the newest BlackBerry 10 OS and will eventually turn out to be successful. Heins had very strict comments on this, saying that they will not go again into the tablet market. In an interview which happened previously, Heins reported that the company has no intentions for making a tablet unless there are some bigger profits out there. He noted that he personally believes the tablet market isn’t very good place to be in it right now.


Yeah right. Just look at Apple – making tons of money selling their tablet brand iPad device. If not Apple, take Amazon as an example. Profitable or not, they are focused only at the tablet market and their Kindle Fire has seen very well appreciated and accepted by the public. Samsung is making a slow entrance in this market with their Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab devices which saw some growth lately.

Heins mentioned something about BlackBerry being a leader in the mobile technology in five years from now. I’m not very sure about this because this company hasn’t made any device for outrunning the huge competition. And definitely, I’m not sure that Apple and Samsung will let BlackBerry be the current leader in this market. If the company somehow climbs its way to the top, according to its CEO, it will be there without the help of tablets.

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