Netflix Adds More than 500 New Titles but Eliminates Hundreds of the Classics

Jasmina Lozevska May 3, 2013 0
Netflix Adds More than 500 New Titles but Eliminates Hundreds of the Classics

Some reports claim that Netflix is making some changes into its streaming material. It’s eliminating numerous classic titles but it’s adding 500 new ones. The change is already started as of May 1, and movies like “Stardust Memories” or James Bond’s “Goldfinger” aren’t available for streaming anymore. The good thing is that some popular movies are added like Mission Impossible 2, for instance.

The expiration date is reached for some movies on the streaming engine Netflix. Couple of hundreds classic titles has disappeared on May 1. I was able to say goodbye to couple of them because I’ve watched couple of them one more time before they go in the past. This is a pretty normal situation, the streaming titles come and go and that’s the way it is. This service very often makes a step for licensing some TV Shows and movies for a certain amount of time period. If these shows or movies are not watched by viewers enough, Netflix chooses not to renew the license. The main goal for Netflix is to be very good and be a precise programmer instead of broad distributor.


Joris Evers, spokesman for Netflix, said that this streaming service is more like a dynamic service. It’s updating the movies and TV shows which are available for their subscribers. And indeed, they have added 500 and more titles but they had to let go some of the expired titles. According to him, many titles which have been removed were part of some deal with Epix. The explanation was that majority of all the titles represents some older features which were aggregated by the previously mentioned Epix. But on that regard, they have added more recent movie titles.

Remember last year when the 4-year contract with Starz ended? – That meant losing some streams for movies like Toy Story 3, Gangs of New York, Scarface and some others. This loss was very big hit to Netflix because Starz owns all the internet rights for some other movies from Sony Pictures and Disney.

While the loosing of some of the classic titles seems like really bad thing for Netflix, the company is still offering original content. This includes the streaming of “Hemlock Grove” and “House of Cards”. Reed Hastings, a CEO at Netflix, said that this company is focused on moving forward to new and exclusive content. You can now browse for your new favorite TV show or Movie and see if it is removed.

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