Over 6 Billion YouTube Videos Viewed Monthly

Alex Bezeau May 3, 2013 0
Over 6 Billion YouTube Videos Viewed Monthly


The YouTube watchers are viewing 6B hours of video material per month. This is something that we are very aware of because YouTube is the most popular video streaming service among the others. This is up with more than 50% from last year’s numbers. YouTube’s video viewing of 1 billion visitors per month indicates that they are addicted to these videos which are shown on YouTube.

This report came after YouTube celebrated 1 billion visitors per month who are unique, by the way. Yesterday, the company has announced that these consumers are viewing videos for around 6 billion hours. For all those who want to know more, this is equal to 684,000 years viewing video materials or hour per month for every single person living on Earth.

So, beside crazy cat videos, laughing babies and ads, what else is there? – The new sensation on internet Psy with his music video “Gangnam Style” represents the top of every chart list. The newest video by the same performer “Gentleman” which was released last month has been announced that it has been watched 38 million times just in one day.

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This video service has noted really great progress and grown bounds and leaps in its short period of time. This implies to the content too, while this service hosted by Google is reaching its high points, you can find more and more content available every day. According to the company, many channels have been created and each one has begun to run ads campaigns on this site.

The official blog post written by YouTube has said that on this site you can find brand companies among the other content creators. Pepsi, Dove, Samsung, and even T-Mobile all sharing the most common objective: making direct relationships with all the consumers out there. This relationship is built on authenticity and engagement. This has resulted many brands to take this step and to increase their media spend. This means discovering several interaction ways and building channels for the public.

YouTube has even made a video which shows all the content that can be found on this site. This video is posted on the end of their blog post along with this:

Content creators have long recognized the power of YouTube’s platform to connect with an audience. Advertisers are increasingly doing the same Together we’ll continue to build YouTube as a global destination for the next generation of entertainment.

YouTube will grow bigger and bigger each day, that’s for sure.

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