Reports State that Microsoft May be Developing Some Smaller Tablets

Sara Cunningham May 3, 2013 0
Reports State that Microsoft May be Developing Some Smaller Tablets

Microsoft has been rumored for developing some small sized tablets. This report came right after the announcement for the official Xbox release on 21 of May. As it seems, they want to turn their focus after that toward the tablet market and to develop some affordable smaller tablets. This report came from Asia and they said that Microsoft is expected to launch brand new Surface tablets at the Build Conference that is scheduled for June.

The next generation, which will be second, Surface devices might hit the stores in some of the upcoming months. It’s possible that they will make their appearance in June at the traditional Build Conference held by Microsoft. We heard something like this last month when Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft is developing a 7-inch tablet. Maybe these new rumors are just confirmation of what the WSJ previously said.

It was said that this next Surface devices will have screen sizes between 9-inch and 7-inch. The suppliers of the components will be Intel, Corning, LG Display, and Samsung Electronics. Yesterday, IDC has said something about Microsoft and its tablet production. Spokesman from IDC reported that this company needs to bring very innovational small screened tablets just so they can compete on the market with the iPad mini from Apple and the other smaller tablets that are Android based.


The current tablets made by Microsoft, Surface RT and the Surface Pro, include a 10.6-inch display. This is not a bad size for a tablet but to be honest beside that the tablet market indicates all the companies to have small-screened tablet devices, more people prefer them. Just take the example with the iPad mini. When it was unveiled all the analysts fired a statements against this move by Apple, but suddenly, it become the best thing ever happened to the market. It started selling like crazy and Apple has made a fortune out of it.

Microsoft hasn’t made any comments for this and I think they won’t do that because they are not commenting on rumors or speculations. Maybe it’s just a rumor, but it’s the right move for Microsoft. I’m not saying that they will be at the top of the tablet market but at least they will try to compete with the competition on every possible level and with every released device on the market.

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