50 billionth Apple App to be Downloaded Wins $10,000 Apple Store Credit

Jasmina Lozevska May 4, 2013 0
50 billionth Apple App to be Downloaded Wins $10,000 Apple Store Credit

Who’s up for some awards? – If you want to be the winner of this 50 billion downloads ongoing competition, than all you need to do is log in to iTunes and start downloading some applications. If you get lucky, you can be the user who will reach the 50billion downloads mark and the one who will receive a $10,000 Apple store credit. Apple is counting up once again to its digital sales.


Currently this digital store, which was launched back in 2008, has about 793 million downloads left to reach this 50 billion mark. Apple had this kind of competition earlier when the mark was 25 billion. And the person who downloaded the 25 billionth application got the very same amount of money as a credit, which can be used in the Apple Store. This event has happened last march when Chunli Fu was the luckiest among the others. This costumer from Qingdao, China has received this $10,000 gift card and went to an Apple store in order to pick it up. The most recent gift which was given by Apple’s store in February was a gift card of 10,000 Euros for the 25 billionth song which was sold on iTunes.

Now Apple needs the 50 billionth app and as an addition to this, the next 50 people who will download an app from this digital store will receive a $500 gift card. Along with this giveaway, this company has listed its all-time 25 free and paid apps on the iPad and the iPhone. Yes, you are right. Angry Birds from Rovio and the application for Facebook has topped this list on iPhone and on the iPad the top applications are Skype from Microsoft and Apple’s pages.


We have to note something interesting here. For the last’s year contest, it took people only 15 days in order to download around 700 million applications. Since then, the number of iOS devices has increased also with the library for the applications. In January, Apple has reported that they have sold 500+ million iOS based devices which are up from 365 million devices sold at the last March’s end. And when it comes to applications, the number is up from 600,000 (number of apps reported last April) to 850,000 applications for iOS downloaded in January.

We congratulate the user who will reach the mark 50 billionth application in advance.

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