Is the Popularity of Text-Messaging Declining?

Jasmina Lozevska May 4, 2013 0
Is the Popularity of Text-Messaging Declining?

There is still a text-messaging feature? Does that still exist? – I haven’t used it for very long time and this report has just reminded me of those good old times when we were texting all the time. But don’t worry texting isn’t extinguishing it’s just that all people in US are using it less. The mobile devices are still used for sending trillions of SMS per year but in 2012 they have sent 5% less than 2011.

As it seems, the text messaging in the United States is on the verge of serious declining. This report, which was released yesterday has been made by a Wireless Association called CTIA. The number of SMS, received and sent, dropped to 2,19 trillion in the past year from 2.3 trillion in 2011. You shouldn’t press the panic button already because the public is still with their hands down writing messages. And to be honest, this slight drop of 5% isn’t much for worrying.

According to some report released earlier last week by Informa (research firm), one of the main reasons that causes this texting decreased number is because of the numerous different chat applications out there. They are talking about apps such as BB Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage which are becoming preferred communication methods by the users.

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This text messaging really went of the chain in the US approximately 6 years ago and back than all the carriers were charging users with 10 cents per message. And now we have a very different situation. Texting is bundled into data packages or in some sorts of text packages and people get them for free of charge. However, there has been a slight drop of the texting number but this practice doesn’t seem to be blown away that very easy. This number of 2.19 trillion represents around 19 messages received or sent per person on daily basis. This report from CTIA comes from a survey that was put together from carriers aggregated data which are serving 97% of all the estimated mobile subscriptions.

I’m not using this service maybe for two years and I didn’t felt the need of it as well. These numbers are showing that there are people that act same as me. But texting will be here for, let’s say, many years ahead because someone can’t live without it and that’s a fact.

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