MetroPC Stores to House T-Mobile Compatible Smartphones

Sara Cunningham May 4, 2013 1
MetroPC Stores to House T-Mobile Compatible Smartphones

T-Mobile is trying hard to keep alive the MetroPCS brand and they try to expand it to some new markets. This has been reported by the Chief Officer at Marketing Mike Sievert. This is good for the company and for MetroPCS also, because both of them won’t be in a losing position with this move as compatible T-Mobile phones are coming to Metro PCS stores.

T-Mobile will begin with this compatible phone selling with included its network in the stores of MetroPCS somewhere later this quarter. The main goal is to sell only these compatible devices by the end of this year. The move will definitely accelerate the costumer’s migration from MetroPCS network to the new T-Mobile, according to Sievert who has announced this earlier on Wednesday.

T-Mobile felt reborn, because it has appeared under the TMUS ticker as an independent and publicity traded company (US based) on the NY Stock exchange. This follows the recent merger with the MetroPCS. This deal has given T-Mobile a very strong regional brand on prepaid and also the wireless spectrum which goes with this.


This is a great move rather than straddle both networks, as the example with Sprint and Nextel. T-Mobile is trying to move all the MetroPCS’s customers to its network and shut this company down as soon as possible. Sievert had some comments about this and said that this process of transferring all the costumers from this newly bought network will take couple of years. While everyone is happy for the deal, Sievert also noted that there is a big value in the brand of MetroPCS. T-Mobile could extend this service beyond its borders and expend the offer to some new markets.

All the costumers of MetroPCS won’t see some drastic changes applied to their service. This provider is still offering their plans which are unlimited for monthly payment between $40 and $60. To be noted, the service offered by T-Mobile is superior over the services in MetroPCS and Sievert has said that they will make some changes down the lane of the pricing. He declined to make any specific comments for this. He added that it’s very hard to make prediction about what will went out.

Sievert has mentioned something about the radical changes with the ownership structure of the company that isn’t changing its strategy just to upend the industry with the no-subsidy & no-contract pricing.

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