Next Rumored Microsoft Tablet Will Be low Priced and Boast a 7.5-inch screen

Heidi Speare May 4, 2013 0
Next Rumored Microsoft Tablet Will Be low Priced and Boast a 7.5-inch screen


We have reported earlier that Microsoft has future plans for making smaller and cheaper tablet devices. This company was serious after all and as it looks like they are really focused on releasing a new 7-inch and 8-inch tablet into the market in order to compete with the other tablet manufacturers. This comes after many reports and rumors from several analysts on the web.

The latest report comes from NPD DisplaySearch firm and it claims that Microsoft is working on some cheap and definitely smaller tablets. The company has decided to go smaller than the current 10.6-inch tablets and make some small tablets which will include a 7.5-inch display. DisplaySearch also noted that Microsoft will lower the cost, too.

Richard Shim, an analyst in the NPD firm, has said that they have seen some panel specs, the specific touch module and the scheduled mass production. This tablet is expected to have a 7.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1,400 x 1050 pixels. It will come with a very respectable ppi of 223. This pixel density is higher than the iPad mini from Apple and the Google’s Nexus 7.

surface tablet--621x414

According to the Shim’s report, the Mass production is scheduled for the Q1 of 2014. And there is pretty large volume of it. But he also added that this company will likely start with lower production and than in the first three months of 2014 will ramp up their production to massive level.

On the contrary, some Asian rumor earlier in Wednesday reported that the next generation of Microsoft’s Surface tablets will be launched with a display size between 9 and 7 inches. This was followed with the speculation about some launching of these tablets in the already scheduled Build Conference that will be held in June. This is not the problem, finding effective cost for Microsoft with setting lower prices is. According to the previously mentioned analyst Shim, Microsoft is looking the best way for cutting some prices on their present devices. And with this rumored 7.5-inch tablet, they are looking into that solution which will incorporate the touch module and the panel.

Lately, Microsoft has been shifting their suppliers for the panel to get a more affordable pricing. Shim didn’t make any comments for the target price but some other rumors are indicating that this company is looking to close the deal on $399. Just for comparison, the Apple’s iPad Mini is available for $329 with lower resolution on the screen. The Google Nexus 7 is selling for $199 and also includes lower resolution and smaller screen. While we are at the Nexus 7, some rumors are floating around that Google plans a new updated version which will pack 7-inch screen with 1,280 x 800 resolutions.

I think that Microsoft will confirm the rumors in few weeks just to clear the air.

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