Concept Revealed: Why Should BYOD Include BYOS in Trending

Sara Cunningham May 3, 2013 0
Concept Revealed: Why Should BYOD Include BYOS in Trending

BYOD and COPE are popular acronyms in the computer technology as well as in the workplace. BYOD means “bring your own device” and COPE means “company owned, personally enabled”. They refer to any device such as phone and computer.

Concept Revealed Why Should BYOD Include BYOS in Trending 2

The Current Trend


In particular, BYOD is currently trending to companies such as MokaFive which begins to support corporate solutions in order to keep the company network secure against alien phones and devices. Before, the corporate network security officers were uncomfortable about it. However, this has changed since it is a smart way for them to save money. To illustrate, consider this scenario. A car mechanic always has his own toolbox which, of course, contains tools he likes for the job. In certain cases, some mechanics even have names engraved on their tools to avoid being stolen. When they quit their job in the garage and move on to the next, they would bring the same tools with them. The next garage can save money in buying new tools. Similarly, why would companies buy new devices for people when their applicants and employees already have their own? They can save money by requiring them to bring their own device.

Furthermore, there is this concept of BYOS which means “bring your own software”. People use Lotus and Excel for data storage and calculation but more are adept with Lotus. Nevertheless, data exchanges of the two software is not that difficult. Hence, when you apply for a job, you will be required to own a device and also the software to run it. Obviously, the company will supply the limitations and special programs.

The Advantages

The advantage is that the corporate liability for the pirated software would be eliminated. This liability is a bothersome requirement made by paying fines for an employee using unlicensed software in the company. With BYOS, the company can quickly eliminate this hassle by simply requiring their employees in their contract to be responsible for the device he or she owns. Thus, BYOS can save a lot of money which can be implemented corporate- wide with an open source product. In other words, the company let the employees use the software they love and familiar with. Furthermore, Large corporations can even save money from the expenses from licensed versions of Adobe and Office products.

If the employee already has one, it would be redundant and a complete waste of money. BYOD already has a good image but people have to take a closer look at BYOS too.

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