Declined Sales for Tablets With Windows RT Revealed

Sara Cunningham May 3, 2013 0
Declined Sales for Tablets With Windows RT Revealed

Microsoft is now experiencing slow sales for a Windows version created for thin and light tablets. Such slow growth in sales is happening even the tablet market in its entirety is growing as reported by a research firm.

Declined Sales for Tablets with Windows RT Revealed 2

The Shipment Figures


The researchers of IDC also reported that the said manufacturer has shipped over 200,000 tablets which run on Windows RT during the first quarter of this year. It is a unique version of Windows intended for tablets which have iPad-styles. That figure is down from around 900,000 units shipped in the last quarter of the previous year.

Windows RT was launched by Microsoft in October, as well as the Surface Tablet, This software runs on selected tablets from the other manufacturers too. Windows RT is intended to operate on phone style chips, the one used in iPad. This has replaced PC-style chips which uses even more energy and, thus, require larger batteries. With the use of Windows RT, it would mean that the tablets can be made thinner and even lighter. However, it also means that the regular Windows programs will not operate on Windows RT. As an analyst commented, this has caused certain confusion and also a limited appeal to Windows RT.

As reported by the IDC, the larger version of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets running on the standard Windows 8 actually did better in the previous quarter. IDC did not report and specify the difference but the approximation of it is at least 700,000 basing on the figures mentioned earlier.

Microsoft’s Answer


Microsoft announced that it has plans to produce a series of small tablets which will be available in the succeeding months. This move is apparently made in order to contend with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad Mini. More likely, Windows RT is the choice of software for Microsoft’s version of small tablets.

The Tablet Market

In the meantime, the worldwide tablet market has taken its figure with a double. IDC estimates that it went to 49.2 million units. This would mean that there are two tablets sold for three PCs. This is a whole new record. Speaking of records, Apple Inc. is still the largest manufacturer of tablet with a market share reduced to 39 percent, the lowest by far. Its rival, Samsung, garnered the second spot with a market share of 18 percent as reported by IDC. As for Microsoft, it garnered a fifth place behind Amazon and Asustek. It only has 1.8 percent market share with Windows RT and Windows 8 combined.

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