Facebook Wins Over Typosquatter Case and Succeeded $2.8 Million

Sara Cunningham May 4, 2013 0
Facebook Wins Over Typosquatter Case and Succeeded $2.8 Million

Recently, Facebook just won a lawsuit case against several typosquatters. These people have domain names which are similar to a very popular website. Their purpose is to confuse unwary net surfers or web surfers and thereby potentially benefit and profit from them. There have been several domains all of which is squatting with Facebook’s popularity.

Facebook Wins Over Typosquatter Case and Succeeded $2.8 Million 2


The Reports

TechCrunch reported that Facebook really is the first giant company ever to win the liability damages in a case which is tried under U.S. Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. The social network gained a substantial payout of around $2.8 million dollars after the Northern California U.S. District Court ruled in its favor. Furthermore, Facebook has been given control over 100 domains. Most of these domains are “misspelled” such as zh-facebook.com, gfacebook.com, facebooll.com, facebookfreezer.com, facegbook.com, dacebook.com, faceboocklogin.com, and faacebok.com. A few sites are more or less similar to the above mentioned typos. There are other typos which seem very farfetched. The ruling of U.S. District Court reported that several of these sites were registered by batches. The worst part is that these batches are registered by single entities! An example would be Newgate which registered around 50 domains.

The Defendants and the Pay


As for the defendants, each of them has to pay a different amount as damages. The basis will be on the a formula which takes into consideration the number of domains possessed, how such domains were used and other related factors. The breakdown of payment per defendant would scale from a mere $5,000 to a whooping $1.34 million as TeleCrunch had reported.

Since the lawsuit originates back in July 2011, Facebook has a lot of time to recover over hundred domains. The number of domains trying to squat with Facebook is not surprising. According to a study conducted by Sopho’s Naked Security, this social network is one of the top popular websites to be ripped off. With millions of clientele using the service all over the world, it is no wonder why the social networking site is also very popular to these typosquatters.

The Facebook’s associate general counsel, Craig Clark, declared in a statement that they are pleased with the court’s ruling and recommendation. He even added that they will continue to use all of the tools available at their disposal and enforce it against those who will attempt to draw advantage from the people who use Facebook’s service. Overall, the case has made Facebook to focus on cyber issues.

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