The Face Proceedings of Sega, Gearbox Over Misleading Aliens

Sara Cunningham May 4, 2013 0
The Face Proceedings of Sega, Gearbox Over Misleading Aliens

The dissatisfaction with Aliens: Colonial Marines, software by Gearbox, has been widespread. Currently, this dissatisfaction has officially become a lawsuit. Read below for the details of this commotion.

The Face Proceedings of Sega, Gearbox Over Misleading Aliens 2

The Parties of the Lawsuit


Polygon reported that Edelson LLC, a California firm, filed such lawsuit against both Gearbox and Sega. The law firm represented Damion Perrine, the plaintiff. According to the court documents, the allegations show that these two companies misleadingly advertise such game in trailers and demos. It was such a huge dissatisfaction and frustration when the advertising and promotions do not represent the final product at all. The dissatisfaction is on a very high extent that Perrine seeks liability damages for all those who ordered the game before its release and also those who purchased it on the first day.

Sega’s Defense

In line with the lawsuit, Sega claims that its prohibition on professional reviews mandated that such write-ups should be suspended until such time that the game is released. They then further claim that the consumers, as a logical consequence, could have no way to be warned of any issue before the game’s availability for purchase. Hence, the consumers should not be accountable for buying Colonial: Marines. They should not be liable for the damages that the plaintiff seeks.

Perrine’s response

In response to this, the firm which represented Perrine told Polygon that they firmly believe that the video game industry does not differ with any other industry that deals with the consumers. Thus, they claim that video game companies such as Gearbox and Sega should deliver the thing which they promised. It is their obligation to do so. The failure of which, according to the law, should hold them accountable. The firm is strong with their stand that Gearbox and Sega ought to be accountable for such breach. The trailers and demos are clearly different from the final product as if it is a different game.

 The Pending Decision

The lawsuit has not yet its conclusion. It is not certain to see whether the courts agree or not. As of the moment, Gearbox and Sega have still no comment yet. The defense mentioned earlier is Sega’s move to protect the consumers. They still haven’t said anything yet about the difference of the advertisement and the product. Just wait for the latest news of the progression of the lawsuit as well as the two companies’ comment.


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