The Issues on Twitter Needs to Be Cleared, Retwact Says

Sara Cunningham May 4, 2013 0
The Issues on Twitter Needs to Be Cleared, Retwact Says

Twitter is a very valuable source of news from different people around the world. However, it can also be a swamp of misinformation. An example would be the current hacking of the official account of The Associated Press.

The Issues on Twitter Needs to Be Cleared, Retwact Says 2

News Source: Facebook vs. Twitter


In Facebook status updates, one cannot edit posted status but the one can edit the comments and even photo captions in case of mistakes. On the other hand, Twitter has no editing function. Combined with a fast dissemination of information on a micro-blogging site, there would be difficulty in tracking what needs correcting. Once the retweet is clicked, it can go for distance and it would be almost impossible to stop the passage of unreliable facts. These facts would be taken as “correct” news for lots of people. Twitter has to correct this problem. One suggestion is the application called Retwact. Although this is not entirely reliable, it is worth the shot.

Retwact Concept


Retwact comes from retweet and retract. It is a software project built by a Stonly Baptist. This application serves as a damage controller on Twitter. It will grant you a list of your top five recent tweets which are retweeted. Then, you can retract any of them. After which, you can just tweet the correction notice along with your personalized apology. Afterwards, this will be sent to all of your Twitter followers. Such notice also comes with a link that will show you a comparison of before and after tweet. In other words, you can see the old tweet and the corrected one. This idea by Baptise became so popular in Hacker News that he focused on this retract project straight for two days.

Retwact Evaluation


This application has a few limitations. This might not work well for very active Twitter users. Only retweets posted within minutes can be accessed and repaired. Tweets posted hours ago won’t appear in the list. Likewise, only those tweets posted via Retweet button and passed over manually can be corrected. Finally, it cannot work when the retweeters who passed your erroneous tweet is suspended currently. Amidst these flaws, Baptiste intends to improve this application by including a function which deletes sham tweets from another’s timeline. Retwact’s database also retains this correction even though the dissemination of the wrong information has ceased. The proof of correction is also important. The developer is hoping that Twitter will consider this project soon.

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