The Triumphant of Facebook Despite the Decline of US Users

Sara Cunningham May 4, 2013 0
The Triumphant of Facebook Despite the Decline of US Users

According to the statistics, users of Facebook throughout US are slowly declining for many different reasons. However, it remains static in the UK. The profits of this popular social media have proved to decline due to the decrease of US users. Facebook will figure out the decrease of US users and will truly to do more. Facebook is obliged to report their first quarter earnings next month. According to the data from market research, in the US, it has lost ten million users, and have seen no increase in monthly visitors throughout the UK in the previous year.

The Triumphant of Facebook Despite the Decline of US Users 2

The Revelations

Research has revealed that numerous unique visitors of Facebook from Smartphones, tablets and computers have fallen in March 2012 from 153m to 142m, having a summit figure at 158m on the late August. As the Facebook announced the latest quarterly results, it states that it had 1.11 billion active users around the world per month, compared to almost 23% for the past few years. Active users of mobile were about 751 million, just up to 54%. The growth of Facebook is mostly from poorer countries, therefore the revenues of the advertisings are lower.

Created 9 years ago as a website, the Facebook is currently challenging with competing social networks like the messaging service WhatsApp, they were invented as the applications designed for Smartphone age.

Facebook’s UK Figures

According to Nielsen data, throughout the UK, Facebook users peaked approximately 28 million for the month of October before dropping to 26 million in March on work and home users. As of March, the Facebook website does not have UK users compared to the previous results, suggesting that the expansion will raise the ground.

Facebook’s Mobile Opportunity Speaks

Mobile visitors are more important to Facebook. The Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, states that there are only 40% of Facebook users who currently visit the website on a given day, while there are 70% of Facebook users who visit the website through mobile phones or tablets. The result is very surprising, and this as proved that Facebook is progressing in the mobile world.

Facebook has earned $219m during the first 3 months of the year, compared to the previous year that only had $205m. Revenues in the 1st quarter totaled approximately $1.46 billion, versus $1.06 billion for the period of one year. Mobile advertisements have accounted for as high as 30% of total revenue advertising in the 1st quarter, from 23% in the in 2012’s 4th quarter.

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