DAP M9700 Windows tablet, Good for Men on the Go

Sara Cunningham May 5, 2013 0

The rugged M9700 Windows tablets are now available in the market. Developed by DAP Technologies, this device is said to provide a total solution for valuable customers who require a lightweight features and screen size of the end user’s tablet. It also needs to be a more rocky solution that operates as a Windows operating system well-suited to the existing networks.

DAP M9700 Windows Tablets, Good for Men on the Go

The Basic Specs

The rugged M9700 tablet has 9.7 inch screen display. It weighs less than 1 kilogram and it is only 2 cm thick including its 5,300mAH Li-Ion battery. When fully charged, it should be operating well for four hours at the minimum. It has a 32 GB solid state drive. Inside the device is its processor, the Intel’s Atom Cedar Trail. It is a next-gen platform that employs a 32nm technology. Specifically, it has 1.6GHz Atom N2600 and works along with NM10 chipset. With this technology, the tablet is quick in processing tasks, functions and applications.

Basic Features

 M9700 has an autofocus 2mp camera with LED illuminator. The display also has zoom and pan functions. It also provides reliable communication though Bluetooth, GPS, optional 3G and WiFi. It also has a USB 2.0 port for direct connection. It also boasts in ratings and standards. It has been given an IP54 rating where 5 refer to protection against dust and 4 refer to protection against water spray from all directions. Furthermore, it has met the MIL-STD-810F, a standard developed by US military for durability.

On the Job Features

A representative of a company said that it is fit for mobile working where devices need to be tough yet slim and compact. To be more particular, it is suitable for transportation and trucking. This multi-use tablet greatly improves efficiency and simplifies the operation. There won’t be even troubles seeing the display since it is sunlight viewable. It can even display work orders, route schedule and GPS mapping. It can also help in tracking movables and signatures. As for those assigned warehouses and logistics, they won’t have to worry with dust as the rugged design ensures its protection. Since it can be carried safely anywhere, field workers and technicians can have repair and troubleshooting information within reach.


M9700 can have the following accessories: Ethernet adaptor, HDMI adaptor, vehicle charger, desktop dock, carry case, charging cart and a hand strap. With all these features and accessories, a busy worker or enterprise customer is good to go.

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